Karezza and condoms

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    I'm single and just noticed that my box of condoms has expired. I've always kept these on hand, just in case, but as I am aiming to give up orgasms entirely (except for procreation), it has me wondering if I even need condoms anymore.

    For those who are practicing, or intending to practice, karezza - I'm curious, where do condoms fit into this?

    My thoughts are:
    They obviously serve the purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancies and disease transmission.
    And, desensitisation could help prevent an inadvertent discharge for both parties . . .

    But, on the flip side, how much is lost of the benefits of karezza by putting that barrier in place?
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    Karezza purists would say it's about skin to skin contact so the guy would not use a condom and would ideally be circumcised. But I can see that the reduced sensitivity that condoms produce can be helpful plus it depends if the girl's on the Pill.
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