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Most Members

  1. Christian Fapstronauts
    1788 members, 38.8K views.
  2. Student Fapstronauts
    1464 members, 15.6K views.
  3. Muslim Fapstronauts
    974 members, 23K views.
  4. The Everest Challenge
    924 members, 16.2K views.
  5. Gay Men
    523 members, 11.4K views.
  6. Awaken Your Life
    443 members, 5.3K views.
  7. SOS: Significant Others Support
    428 members, 14.2K views.
  8. Dante's Divine Comedy Challenge
    348 members, 8.8K views.
  9. Fapstronaut Gamers
    278 members, 4.9K views.
  10. Roman Catholic Fapstronauts
    271 members, 5.2K views.

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Trending Threads

A group for male fapstronauts who are sexually attracted to both men and women.
A place for rebooters to meet and discuss 12-Step programs in conjunction with their reboot

public Metal Heads

A group of fapstronauts who also like metal music.
A support group for victims of childhood abuse
For those who attracted to porn genres that do not coincide with their sexual orientation
A safe place for people who identify as transexual or transgender.