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  1. Christian Fapstronauts
    2096 members, 43.2K views.
  2. Student Fapstronauts
    1747 members, 17.8K views.
  3. Muslim Fapstronauts
    1200 members, 27.1K views.
  4. The Everest Challenge
    1066 members, 18.3K views.
  5. Gay Men
    615 members, 14K views.
  6. Awaken Your Life
    519 members, 6K views.
  7. SOS: Significant Others Support
    490 members, 16.4K views.
  8. Dante's Divine Comedy Challenge
    386 members, 9.6K views.
  9. Indian Fapstronauts
    350 members, 3.2K views.
  10. Fapstronaut Gamers
    345 members, 5.7K views.

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A group for members of all religions, or no religion at all, to talk about religion
Cultivating awareness through mindfulness and contemplation
A support group for victims of childhood abuse
A group for male fapstronauts who are sexually attracted to both men and women.
For those who attracted to porn genres that do not coincide with their sexual orientation

public Metal Heads

A group of fapstronauts who also like metal music.
For Fapstronauts learning a new language.
For Fapstronauts from the Indian sub-continent and the Indian diaspora.