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  1. Christian Fapstronauts
    3374 members, 72.1K views.
  2. Students in Recovery
    3167 members, 29.1K views.
  3. Muslim Fapstronauts
    2735 members, 51.7K views.
  4. The Everest Challenge
    1813 members, 28.9K views.
  5. Gay Men
    1221 members, 27.7K views.
  6. Indian Fapstronauts
    1196 members, 14.8K views.
  7. Awaken Your Life
    901 members, 9.7K views.
  8. SOS: Significant Others Support
    801 members, 26.1K views.
  9. Roman Catholic Fapstronauts
    750 members, 13.6K views.
  10. NoFap en Español
    580 members, 12.3K views.

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For those who attracted to porn genres that do not coincide with their sexual orientation
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A group for male fapstronauts who are sexually attracted to both men and women.