Working on sex positivity

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    Hi, I’m a 34 year old bisexual male, living and working in Japan. I am successful in my work and am much loved in my social circles, but I feel like in the bedroom I am prone to unhealthy practices and fantasies.

    I have a long history with PMO and have discovered the deeper I go down the rabbit hole the more depraved things I end up stumbling upon. At the end of the day I’m not at all interested in anything overly kinky and love intimate, romantic and reciprocal (mostly vanilla) sex. More often than not after PMO I have to quickly close all windows and regret the experience most times.

    This last area in my life I feel really could be improved. I’m wondering if that will lead to benefits in other areas too. I don’t find NoFap difficult although I’ve only tried it for the past week or so properly.

    Do people block porn sites in case they are tempted? What are some good ways of channeling sexual energy that have worked for people?

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