The whole chicks checking you out more/being more attracted to you is bullshit

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Smiletron, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Smiletron

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    I agree with alot of the Nofap benefits , but chicks do not check you out any more than what they did before you started Nofap , you are just feeling more confident in general to look around more and check chicks out more often so ofcourse you're going to notice them looking at you more , if anyone disagrees with this please enlighten me with your argument :)
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  2. lekasenor

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    I definitely disagree. I remember the first time I joined NoFap and started this journey. About 70 days in, this girl came up to me in a supermarket smiled and started talking to me. She was gorgeous. We went out a few days later and had an incredible night together. Stuff like that rarely if ever happened to me before. It never happened that way. I’ve noticed that when I am sober for a while, women will start initiating conversations with me, will sometimes just give me their number (I don’t even have to ask). That kind of thing would never happen was I was using porn. Yes I had girlfriends and went on dates when I was using it, but these unique experiences were few and far between. You exude a different energy when you’re sober. Most guys use porn. The ones that don’t have something different. Women can sense it. They probably will not know why or what it is, but they will pick up on it. You sort of contradicted yourself with the confidence sentence. Women love confidence. If you are more confident, women are going to check you out more. When I am sober women smile at me more, approach me, are easier to talk to..etc. Women are not attracted to shame. Using porn creates tons of shame, mountains of it. So porn thus becomes like women repellent. I have manny other examples as well. Also once I used porn and went to this event, I got this girl’s number. She never responded to my text. That also never happens to me. These stories are not coincidences. I could even get more into it, but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying. One last thing and maybe this is what you were trying to get at… Getting rid of porn helps your true essence emerge. But if you’re someone who happens to be really shy around women or super insecure or if you have issues with women and do not have charisma, then eradicating porn isn’t going to be the magical answer (unless it’s the porn that’s causing all those things). It’s different for anybody. It’s like meditation. If you try meditating it’s not going to make your life perfect and solve all your problems, but it will improve your life. Giving up porn is the beginning, but there’s more work to be done.
  3. Smiletron

    Smiletron Fapstronaut

    Exactly the kind of reply i was hoping for , Cheers my man.
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  4. GaryMayor

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    Once I observed interesting thing. I was not interested in the woman and disagree to hang out with her, but after she had started a new relationship and had became more confident she started to be far far more attractive and I almost regret. The situation was repeating a few times, so I think it can be more general rule. Nofap don't make you immediately object of all women dreams, but can improve your self-confidence and give you chance to be better and better and in consequence more attractive. Remember also, that a lot of woman are in relationships, so they will not be interested in you anyway and will not check you out.
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  5. Tin Foil Hat

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    Yeah i disagree sort of, i don't know what it is but women do tend to notice a difference when i am free from PMO, it is probably just subconscious cues i give out because i am feeling confident. I feel like i walk with my head held high and i'm not afraid to hold eye contact and i have a bit of a swagger in my step. I remember after my first hard reboot i had been in the gym a lot and was feeling great and my sex drive was through the roof and i was approached by two women in the space of a week or two in shopping centres and every time i went out approaching women was easy. That never happens nowadays, i feel desperate like i'm looking around too much to find attention and girls can smell desperation i swear.
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  6. Catondo\

    Catondo\ Fapstronaut

    One advice I can give is:
    If you do nofap, don't do it for the "woman attraction" thing. Do it for your personal growth.

    My opinion on subject:
    Personally I don't believe in this "superpower" or superpowers in general.
    Probably what other people are saying is that if you pratice nofap for long enough you can become a better person. And I think a woman likes a better person.
    Now since I am exceptionally unexperienced with woman I don't think nofap will do enough for me, probably if you have already some experience then nofap can enhance your skills and provide the mood for a better approach.
    If you don't even imagine what an approach is then benefits regarding womans can be nonexistent.
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  7. Blossom

    Blossom Fapstronaut

    It's funny to see how there are some guys here who actually believe that girls have "superpowers" and that they can spot whether you're watching porn and masturbating or not.
    I kinda agree with @Smiletron .
  8. RndyBm

    RndyBm Fapstronaut

    I agree on the whole "girls can smell desperation like @Tin Foil Hat mentioned, that's so true. It's like when we're in our additiction it's an escape for us because in our heads no woman like that would approach us. And when they actually do approach, or make a slight hint of moving towards you. The inexperienced out of us are like a cat in headlights -_- I mean me personally, I am quite shy around women, but I can hold a conversation. If there is a girl I like in a crowd, I will try and get in there and make her laugh. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn't. But I think the main thing is how you look at the women back. Because P is what P is, its all down to superficial looks and assets....but real women are more than that. And that's where the struggle is with me I think. Actually seeing a woman for a human, not a sex object... I hate what P has done to my brain and I hope my reboot will help rewire my mindset.
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  9. lekasenor

    lekasenor Fapstronaut

    It’s not superpowers. It’s just naturalism. When you’re not doing PMO, you’re more connected to your true essence, your true nature, who you really are. Porn warps all that. It’s just you being you in a natural way when you’re not using PMO. That’s being mistake for superpowers. It’s more like God’s given natural powers. When doing PMO, you’re in shame powers.
  10. lantti

    lantti Fapstronaut

    This. And not all women will like you better, only those that like that true essence you have.
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  11. superninjared

    superninjared Fapstronaut

    It’s exactly what other people have said on here. Confidence and energy. Watching porn damages your confidence. So obviously you are going to be projecting a weak unattractive personality which repels people. It also increases your anxiety which makes you socially awkward to be around.

    When you stop fapping your energy changes. You give off a positive aura which draws people in. It also lets them feel this positive energy which makes them feel good. This is what makes someone attractive. Google ”positive energy aura” to learn more.
  12. Mistakesweremade

    Mistakesweremade Fapstronaut

    I think it is the euphoria of being miserable most of your life and suddenly getting released from it. That feeling of transformation & being in control again sends a massive amount of positive hype into your head. Which gives you a surge of confidence, focus and energy. (It's that extremely feel good scene when Tim Robbins breaks out of Shawshank jail.) I don't think this can be achieved in a naturalism state or aleast on this level. However, it is likely this state is not sustainable and would go back to more suitable levels. I've never heard of people keeping the more exaggerated superpowers for a very long period.
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  13. Fix_It_Mate

    Fix_It_Mate Fapstronaut

    Might as well chime in.

    I did over 200 days from December to July. I didn't seem to get this positive aura most others seem to get. Nobody shows interest in me and nobody, male or female, seems particularly interested in talking to me when I initiate contact.

    The best I've ever done is hold eye contact and share a smile with a girl working in a food court, who then asked me how I was going as I walked past. Maybe she was interested in me, but I didn't know for sure and I didn't really want to bother her while she was working.

    Other than being smiled at maybe one or two other times and being called "cute" once in high school (not even to my face), that's pretty much the entire "interest" I've ever received from the opposite sex.

    The only guy to have approached me to be friends that I can remember in probably the past ten years was in my first year of uni, back when I was PMOing every day.

    I'm not doing this solely to attract a woman, as I know I've still got a lot of crap to deal with regarding my body, financial position, hobbies and social skills before I can consider myself a great catch, but NoFap really hasn't done anything for my social skills or confidence, which has left me disenchanted.

    All I can really say is it has helped keep me disciplined enough to keep working on my body, but I'm not happy with the results in that department yet either.
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  14. lekasenor

    lekasenor Fapstronaut

    Well said. I used the word natural state because after the euphoria wears off, that’s what it is. It’s the natural you, not the PMO you. Also even though the euphoria might seem to have worn off, in reality, this new state starts to feel normal. It’s not until you slip again, that you realize how great you were doing. There’s also another side to all this..It’s the sober emotions thing. Feelings can be more intense without the PMO bubble. You feel things more deeply. Sometimes this experience is euphoric and sometimes it’s much more intense and painful, often making us tempted to go back to our old ways. Dealing with the pain of sober emotions, is the hardest thing for me.
  15. RndyBm

    RndyBm Fapstronaut

    When you guys put it like this, it makes me relate so much to Edward Morra's character in Limitless. The pre NZT Edward is a loser, but the post NZT Edward is 1 million times the better version of himself, however the crash is to big of a risk. So when the euphoric feeling dies down of being a NoFap expert. All that remains is just our natural human selves. And we just have to learn to be content with that. Because I can imagine its a Damn Sight better than the loser PMO version our selves - superpowers or no superpowers.
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  16. spacemanchris

    spacemanchris New Fapstronaut

    Actually I believe there is something like that.
    I don't believe girls can smell it, but they can sense it in a way you behave.

    I have 2 examples for that:
    1. on my 14 day streak, I noticed a lot more attraction from girls from day 10-14. A girl even approached me in a hookah bar and we hooked up. Its very rare that a girl actually does the first step. But okay, it could be a coincidence.

    2. I've been on testosterone. I noticed something similar - girls were attracted a lot more to me and guys respected me a lot more. This phenomenon
    is definitely real, all bodybuilding forums are full of that.

    So summed up, I don't believe its due to pheromones or anything like that. But I think your body gesture, voice and the way you behave changes. The changes may be small so you don't actually realize them yourself, but potential partners actually do realize that. It might be the way you talk differently, the way you look or how you walk - you might not notice it yourself, but you actually do behave differently.

    The reason for the behavioral changes could be due to increased confidence or increased testosterone.

    Just my 2 cents from my own experiences.
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  17. Nick1918

    Nick1918 Fapstronaut

    I was hit on by a chick but she did have a dog and a white stick and was wearing very dark glasses so I am not sure if that counts.
  18. kropo82

    kropo82 Fapstronaut

    I think many of the crazy benefits and superpowers are overstated but I cannot help thinking that your post is wrong. Surely if you are more confident then you are more attractive?
  19. clapbakc

    clapbakc Fapstronaut

    I work away and one day I was on the way home about to be dropped off (I had 2 other people in the car) and one of them noticed a girl looking at me whilst at a red light I saw her looking in the corner of my eye but I took no notice when the subject was bought up because I was still nervous around women (I was on day 4) but I was scruffy from a long day at work and that would’ve never happened if I was still watching P and lately I was a away on holiday and did notice girls looking at me so I do believe that girls notice you more it’s almost like they can smell your confidence in the air around you it really is strange but it works.
  20. Mattew

    Mattew Fapstronaut

    After almost 180 days i think woman attraction is bullshit/placebo.

    I'm creepier than i was before.

    I actually think the whole nofap is bullshit/placebo.
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