MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    I personally can't wait for warriorman's check-in XD

    I'm thinking of letting him do it until he realises the previous post was a check-in from him too XD
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    But we need to start a fresh page so he doesn't end up seeing "THE END" in thag picture :D
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    Just checking in for the 20th :) have a great day
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    Hey guys and gals.

    All that is left is the Epilogue which has no canon influence on the current storyline.

    It is a means to pave the way for future challenges by the same name.

    You don't need to participate anymore but god damn- i'm smiling so hard that someone cared so much :)
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    Lol, yeah! We are a great bunch :) :) :)
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    You bet :)
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    Legion woke up in the cold. He opened his eyes and saw the hard black earth below him. He could hear the sound of water nearby.

    He laughed as he got back up slowly.

    All his wounds had been healed and he saw that he was no longer in his demon forme. Human hands and feet greeted him when he looked at himself.

    Legion laughed again and looked at the River Styx. It was exactly as it had been the last time he'd been here- vast, cold and without a single ripple.

    There was one important difference though:
    Charon was dead. And with nobody to transport him to Hades' chambers for judgement, Legion was free to do as he willed.

    He couldn't leave the Underworld since it was only accessible from the outside, but at least he wasn't cast into damnation for all of eternity.

    And then a massive ripple in space appeared and a portal opened up.

    Legion smiled.

    "A contingency indeed."

    And as the Gods shoved the army of hell through the portal and the crowd of demons landed roughly on the banks of the river, Legion's smile widened.

    After ten whole minutes of spewing out demons, the portal to the Underworld shut close and the army of hell lay scattered across the riverbanks.

    Legion clapped his hands and every creature turned to face him in horror.

    "And so... we meet again."

    Legion laughed maliciously.


    NOTE: This Epilogue is meant to bestow a sense of continuity for any possible further iterations to the challenge and shall remain a non-canon entry unless declared otherwise by future hosts of the Mystery League challenge.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: I will not host this challenge again in the future. Fehr passed the baton to me and I shall pass it to someone else if they desire to revive the challenge.

    This is the official conclusion to the challenge. As promised, it landed exactly on the 20th of February.

    Once again, I thank all the players who took part.
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  10. Sorry I'm late @IAmLegion , but this was good. The story, the fight! Hats off to you lad.
  11. Thanks to Legion for finishing this challenge, awesome writing skills.............

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