I got 99 problems but my NoFap streak ain't one.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Gideonite, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Hello friends!

    I just went 99 days on Hardmode NoFap and wanted to share my experience and benefits so far. I am going to take parts from my journal, so that the story can be as authentic as possible..

    I am a 22 year old guy who is a firm believer in Christ. I believe that God helped me a lot early on as I would get urges constantly. I used to be the guy who would sit at the dining room at work and feel really anxious. I used to be a guy who would accept things that weren't okay at all just so that I could avoid confrontation. I used to have a girlfriend (for about 3 years) who would treat me as if I was a marionette doll. I used to think that being kind was about saying yes to everything and accepting everything from the outside world rather than listening to my own heart. I didn't stand up for myself when I needed to. I would let people take me for granted, thinking I did a good deed, although all I did was making myself smaller and smaller for every time it happened. NoFap has definitely been a great tool to overcome these fears of rejection. It has given me the courage to stand up for myself at any moment. I am still struggling with a few things every now and then, such as: thinking about what other people think of me. Other people's opinion of me shouldn't be the guidance of my life. My mind and my heart (with the trust in God) should be the guide.

    Experience of Day 1-7: Starting my morning routine of waking up 45 minutes earlier than I should and start journaling, reading (self-development book and bible), prayer and cold shower. I wrote down my main goals in life: What I wanted to achieve in the short term and long term. The first week of NoFap was easier than it should have been. The social anxiety was really tough though. Daily prayer helped me stay on track. My tip to stay vigilant early on (and later on!) is to have an evening/night routine just before retiring. I would avoid social media or smartphone usage after 8 pm.

    8-14: Flatlined hard on day 9 and tried to stay positive throughout the day and the following days. I noticed during these days how hard I used to be on myself. I was challenged at work with a (back then) hard task. I didn't do so well, and it killed my mood for the rest of the day. It really wasn't a big deal. But back then I would do the smallest things into something big. I have noticed how excited I become when challenged today and if I don't do well, I try to focus on how I can improve myself in the future.

    15-30: Vivid wet dreams started to come (almost daily), which gave me the chaser effect during the days but God helped me stay strong during those days. I started a fasting diet, which helped a lot with the discipline of staying away from PMO. At this time around I started to feel more confident in the dining room at work. I started speaking without hesitation. Things were starting to fall into place. At this stage I noticed how tiredness can be a big trigger for me. When I'm tired I tend to ogle a lot more than usual. My brain somehow goes to autopilot. Around day 20 I started to feel loneliness but I kept going because I knew the darkness, the cloud, the fog would fade someday.

    30-60: Things were starting to become interesting after day 30. I started to receive compliments from girls at my workplace. They told me I looked handsome multiple times. I just played along. Not even feeling awkward, which I used to earlier on. The increased confidence, the way I carried myself had obviously changed. The girls definitely noticed. Even though that isn't my main goal with Nofap, it is something to appreciate. The anxiety was MIA at this stage, even at work and at the gym. It was truly liberating. At this stage I worked really hard with being consistent about working on my goals everyday. Almost all my spare time was spent on working with my goals. It has definitely paid off. I am currently much closer to my goals because of it. My boss gave me a permanent employment at my workplace, even though she knew I has other plans in the near future. Things were really falling into place at this stage. Although I must mention I did have a 5 day window of severe urges and had a hard time not looking at beautiful women at the gym and at my workplace.

    60-99: I was handed harder tasks at work and I did great, even though it counts as outside my comfort-zone I managed to do well. I focused on how I could improve and that's what I did. Thank God. During the 70-day period I started to get wet dreams again, but it was easier to manage to control myself during those days. However at this stage I did a little riskier moves than I should have. I started using dating apps, searching for risky music videos on youtube and the sort. It really got me into a bad spiral, which was hard to resist and get out of. I almost relapsed here, because it escalated into something near to P (soft-core P). I think God helped me out of that one, because I know it wasn't just pure willpower I am still maintaining this streak. If I would have been on my first week I would without a doubt have given in. Thank God for the strenght. After that "almost relapse" my motivation was really low. I didn't feel like doing anything and that just proves how porn affects the dopamine storage of the brain.
    10 days later (around day 80) I almost relapsed again. I tend to get complacent when being on longer streaks, because I get accustomed to the benefits of Nofap. I therefore started applying a new morning routine which consists of 5 minutes of visualization. That actually helped me a lot. It makes my goals much clearer and my mind much sharper and focused. It is a winning strategy for success according to many successful people and a few books I've read. At around Day 90 I met a cute girl at a bar. Keep in mind I haven't been to a bar or any of the sort in about 2 years. I got her number and the next week we went on a date. I have never had this easy going for me. It wasn't even the alcohol. I was just filled with confidence somehow. The date went super-well. We even made out at the end of the night. The problem is that she doesn't share the same belief in God as I do, so I ended it asap. I am still pondering about wether it was the right choice. But deep down I know it was.

    As you can see it wasn't all benefits. It was more of a roller-coaster sort of style. It was really eventful, which life should be. Life shouldn't be dulled down by PMO. It should be experienced and felt everyday, every hour and every minute. We should really believe in ourselves and change our limiting beliefs into something which can support us to reach our best versions of ourselves. I believe this community is a great way to share our own stories. I hope my story can be a stepping stone for another person's story in the near future. Thank you for reading. God bless you :)
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    I'm glad you shared your experienced and glorified God by accounting for what He's done in your life. I plan on replicating your morning routine. Reminding oneself of personal goals and meditation through journaling can be a powerful tool. I've been awful about maintaining the discipline to make it a habit, but you've convinced me to try again. God bless you, brother in Christ. Very happy for your success!
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  4. Gideonite

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    Thank you fellow disciple. I'm glad my story could be to help. You've gone almost a week and if you can manage 2 weeks more, the urges will be much easier to handle. May God give you strength to continue pushing forward.
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    Very inspiring personal story. Tonight I realized there was a strong decision I needed to make in order to not relapse. I believe god’s energy shined light on me in the same way that you said you don’t say yes to everything anymore. Pray for me brother, I will reach 90 days only through the support of god’s strength. I cannot submit my life to the devil of PMO. I refuse to entertain that vicious cycle of the rat race. I wish you all the best
  6. yeah this is definitely something that happens, most likely the same as well for femstranaughts too. NoFappers have a presence or magnetism that is alluring to the opposite sex. Or, it could just be that we hold our heads higher and notice the attention more....?

    yeah this is also hard for me, I literally need to turn my head away with my hand
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    Thank you brother. I will pray that God will give you the strength to overcome this viscious cycle of PMO once and for all. Keep fighting, it is definitely worth it.
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    I agree that when being on NoFap it gives you the extra awareness of the people (women) around, but I also believe the way we carry ourselves and the increased confidence is noticed by the girls. But as I said, this is only a bonus for me. There are people doing NoFap only to attract more of the opposite sex, but I'm not that guy to be honest. I believe God has a great plan for me in the near future. Stay strong brother.
  9. Indeed, increased confidence is one of my primary reasons of doing a challenge. and not only the way we carry ourselves but people also notice our chemical aroma change, our skin colour change, eyes become brighter, more beard growth, deeper breath, deeper voice, wider smile (important), and all the intangible extras out of our perception. go onward and upward @Gideonite
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    Wow! Amazing results! Great work fellow brethren!
  11. Gideonite

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    Thank you brother! Bless you
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    99 days!!!
    Congrats man you are really a warrior,keep up your good work and keep fighting.
    Your brother from India
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    Thank you brother, and congrats on your 32 days!
  14. Gideonite

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    Thanks man! glad you enjoyed it. Keep fighting brother
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  15. Awesome!! Great story, super motivating. Ive failed so many times that I feel like I wont ever be able to achieve longer term freedom but this post motivated me to get up and try again! God bless you and thank you!
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    It makes me happy that my story can be an inspiration for people on this forum. If I can reach 99 days, you can too. Believe in yourself and have faith in God, and it will all work out for you. Bless you brother.
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    My Journal
    It’s always great to see a success story from a fellow believer. I really needed this as I’ve revently fell right back into dark times after a 27 day streak. Keep going, my friend!
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    Thanks for sharing this. Good call on the girl. It is great to have that confidence but also the wisdom to know when to say no. Stay watchful and vigilant.
  19. Gideonite

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    27 days is a great achievement. I will pray for you my friend. Thank you for reading. Keep fighting

    Yes, I was close to let my emotions take over my actions. But God has given me a clear vision of what I want, so I need to be patient. You've got a good streak going. Keep at it my friend.

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