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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by WantsToBelieve, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. WantsToBelieve

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    Open forum regarding the short-lived Firefly series as well as it's movie counterpart Serenity! Feel free to tag other fans that you know of as well so we can all discuss favorite characters, moments, episodes, and things like that! I love nerding out with people.

    @Kenzi @vxlccm

    Suppose I'll start by saying I'm glad I found you two! Let's freaking nerd out! And I don't give two craps if the topic gets off of Firefly, just for the record.
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  2. RainbowShell

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    Loved that show, its on the long "Re-watch" list, I loved the humor in that show just the banter between all the characters where great, the art style of everything was great, loved the designs costumes and so on, and come on the music as well fitted it so perfectly just wish it had more episodes, what was it like 13-14 episodes and a movie its been so many years so I cant remember, cant wait to re-watch it though.
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  3. Jen@8675309

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    Another sad casualty by the morons running Fox. They wouldn't know a good show if they tripped over it.
  4. vxlccm

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    Well, I bought the DVDs and helped inspire them to make Serenity.

    For the favor, they then promptly made the movie and killed off some of the essential characters! Doh!
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  5. WantsToBelieve

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    It used to be on Netflix. I believe it's since been removed, though :emoji_rage: The lone season itself is pretty cheap on Amazon if you don't mind getting a used copy. I was given it as a gift years ago.

    Don't I know it. Jeez.
  6. DM79

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    What's everyones favouite episode? I really like out of gas. Getting to see how the crew got together.
  7. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    All great.. War Stories.. favorite scene when Mal keeps Wash alive through torture. Darkest of comedy.

    Out of Gas is certainly epic, though!
  8. SuperFan

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    Christina Hendricks ... drool.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Kenzi

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  11. vxlccm

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    So many gems.
    This one hit me today.. haha!
    I would have taken the deal, in hindsight!
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  12. Kenzi

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    I swear by my pretty blue bonnet, I will end you!
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  13. JesusGreen

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    Definitely my favourite sci-fi series (and one of my favourite shows ever in general). I think I'm about due another rewatch.
  14. MellowFellow

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    Great show. I need to rewatch it but I'm watching The Expanse and Star Trek ToS atm.
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  15. LowKeeKee

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    By far, the shiniest thread I've found so far!
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  16. vxlccm

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    Almost forgot about the toys... hahaha...

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  17. Kenzi

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  18. WantsToBelieve

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    I have these.... well, replicas of these.
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  19. Kenzi

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    Not FAIR!!!!!!
  20. Kenzi

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