Why am i getting gross and brutual nightmares?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    I`ve been meditating roughly 2-3hours a day in the evening, It helps me to make myself calm, itmakes me feel less anxious and more subtle..

    back in the day I was struggling with jealous, hatredness over successful people.

    but nowadays with solid determination and perseverance, I`m able to last longer in my jobs, personal life (EVEN THOUGH WHEN IT SUCKS!)..

    But nowadays I used to get lots of brutual nightmares (like killing someone, disfiguring someone e.t.c..).

    Note: I won`t like to watch such kind of movies (any brutual movies, horror movies).
    so why am I getting such dreams very often?
  2. FirstBorn93

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    2-3 hours of meditating? wow that's a lot of time!
    I remember i used to do 15-20 in one sitting and it felt like eternity for me.
    I lately had a lot of nightmares as well , some of them made me so scared i had trouble going to sleep at night.
    I had a dream recently that i had killed the mother of a deceased friend of mine , the dream felt so real that it was terrifying.
    In the dream i was feeling horrible about what i've done and afraid of being sent to jail for life any minute.
    Sometimes dreams have meanings , sometimes they're something you've been thinking about or seeing.
    The dream i mentioned above , same as you i have no idea why i saw it.
    But i believe nightmares are a result of a restless mind , maybe it's anxiety? stress? try to dig deep and find out the reason.
  3. SuperPowers

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    It sounds like maybe the meditation is bringing up the unconscious. I'm all for 1hr a day if you can do it, maybe reduce it.

    It may be a calling to find peace within yourself and I don't know, maybe look into loving kindness meditation.

    Do you have unresolved issues of your past? Also is there something going on in your life currently? I suggest taking the elements of your dreams and google dream meaning. Like "teeth falling out" dream meaning. I use to do this years ago, I found dream moods.com to be the best but check a few sites to get a really good idea what it is. This is actually a science and sometimes dreams mean nothing.
  4. properWood

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    I'm at the opposite when it comes to dreaming, I basically don't remember any dreams and yet I wake up often during the night. I don't meditate in the sense of the lotus position, I just sit on the couch for 2-3 hours every day. I won't say I'd love to get nightmares, but also not having recollections of any dream whatsoever is... rather scary.

    This is in stark contrast with my childhood years, when most of my dreams were about me jumping out from a window.

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