What do you do when a girl is looking at you in public places?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by RamboErecto, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. RamboErecto

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    Im average, but i take care of myself so im kinda good looking.

    But i have this problem: When I walk on the street, or I travel on bus, or scenarios like that, sometimes i catch nice looking ladies looking at me. They are most likely to look at me repeatedly if we are sharing the same space.

    But when you are traveling in bus, and you see a hot woman across the bus looking at you multiple times, is not like you will stand up and go across all the vehicle to talk to her, that is really weird.

    Also some woman will look at me at streets in a very personal way, but is not like im stopping her to say hello, that is damn weird and undesired for both parts, not matter if we like each other.

    So, can be very frustrating to me being desired, but unable to have them. What do you sugest?
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  2. the awakening

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    Picking up women is an art. You need practice before becoming good at it. Just try to talk to them and see how it goes. You should check RSD on youtube
  3. elevate

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    It's not weird. You're just thinking negatively in order to scare yourself out of taking any action or having to face any risks.

    What's weird about going for what you want? What's weird about adventurous, playful, bold, and daring action? What's weird about getting to know someone you're attracted to?

    You're being passive and lazy with these opportunities. It's too difficult, uncertain, scary, and unideal for you. There's no guarantee that things will work out so you don't want to even try. It's much safer and feels better for you to be looked at. You take that as a small victory. You don't really win and you don't really lose. It's safe and comfortable. That's what you really mean when you say "it's weird".
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  4. Minsc

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    My personal thought is that we get too hung up on "having her". Why don't we just talk to her, there's no need to think any further than that.
  5. the awakening

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    Yeah that's right most people tend to overthink when it comes to just speak to another human beings
  6. the awakening

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    You're being passive and lazy ahah maybe you should go easy on him
  7. Infrasapiens

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    It happend to me once, I started to look around to see if she was looking at someone else. When I looked back at her she was look somewhere else so it probably wasn't looking at me.

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