We are not pre-determined to be successful just because we want to be

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BrainChemistry_AboveAll, Aug 21, 2016.

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    So at one point in time or another we're all guilty in thinking that we, in our own future are predestined to be successful whichever way we hope. E.g. as if its an assured and journey to this end result, regardless of actual initiative and effort (not to imply its completely unatainable). But it comes from being incredibly naive and having little real world experience. I've just recently caught on to this fact having come out from a fairly debilitating period of complacency and depression (which involved alot of heavy PMO) as a result of ultimately being uninformed with having a legitimate neurological condition for so long (I want to stress legitimate, because this is not a winge/whine rant). Of course this is not relevant to the majority of 'normal' people out there but to one degree or another i can say with some certainty, things will happen in our lives that are definitely unplanned and unwanted, that may or may not leave whatever form and intensity of mark on your emotional, mental or physical health, career, relationships or lifestyle (or of those around you). My intention in writing this is not to be a sadist. Its to highlight my observation of how little insight SOME people have of legitimate hardships, be it self inflicted or not (disclaimer: I'm not saying i know what a hard life and that i have all the answers, I acknowledge I'm actually very privileged in a lot of ways that others aren't). But, there are those who stroll through their life having been blessed with a fully functional body and mind, having been born into a middle class/ high rolling privileged life that go from opportunity to opportunity, school to university, university to a well paying career and so on, that i find all too often, they feel like their qualified to impose and speak as a representative of "the majority". About how they should live and how they can become successful just like them. They usually preach that our lives are pre-destined and hardwired to be awesome and that we just need what they have to offer to "unlock" this potential. I'm speaking for the more common high rolling business-man/ or the lay over achiever and definitely to the zero to hero entrepreneur/ internet or hollywood famous type. These people have no idea the spectrum to which things are in peoples lives that inhibit/hinder this 'glorious success' (that usually is just material conquest and shallow ideals). It's for this reason that i feel bold enough to say it should be well within our duty as decent fucking human beings, to offer level headed lectures to some degree about how widely different people have it, either to those that genuinely mean no harm or others that sorely need their egos blunted. Through our own adversity we develop as better people for others that need it.
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    Well success is different for each type of person. I agree that some people have it harder than most. But what amazes me about those kinds of people is that some of them still make the most out of their lives. I once read a story about a girl with cancer who was one of the happiest people even though she had only a few months to live. It definitely inspired me to be more grateful for my life.

    But success is subjective. Just because you're not a millionaire or a famous actor or a noble prize winner doesn't mean you're not successful. It can mean that you have your dream job, or that you lost 30 lbs, or that you dated your crush, or you are happier now compared to a few months ago, etc.

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