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    So after my first journal on this forum, I decided to make a second one because I’ve reached a certain point in which I want to develop myself more instead of just not PMO’ing. I've really felt empty and unhappy with how my days are. I don't have school until September so right now I want to fill my days.

    -No PMO
    -Creative Projects (My book, keyboard, Rap-lyrics)
    -Personal education (Keeping up with the news)
    -Diary about it all on this forum
    -Eat healthier and post about what I ate every day
    -Shaving, brushing teeth and all that stuff
    -Driver’s License (September 2nd Theory-exam)
    -Plan next day

    Daily I’ll post about how I worked on a goal. I'll start off by just living the life I always do and posting that tomorrow. I'll also plan the next day. I won't do everything in a day, but I wanna slowly incorporate some of these things into my normal life until I feel comfortable enough to add another goal. I'll update the list and put the goals in bold as soon as I start actively working on one.

    I can't name who, but someone's journal incredibly inspired me to put an inspirational quote at each post to keep my head up.

    'If you do what you always did, than you get what you always got'
    -Gunplay (on Kendrick Lamar's 'Cartoon & Cereal')
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    Lol I posted this in the wrong place, how do I delete it?

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