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  1. My SO and I recently had a bad day where he PMO and I found out.

    I’m not really in the space to want to be intimate right now. This has happened before and lasted for a few days, but this time feels a lot stronger. The past few nights, I’ve been avoiding sleeping in the bed with him but last night, I didn’t have any excuse. I kind of turned away on the other side of the bed and I guess he noticed the distance. It’s not that I don’t want him to be affectionate with me. It’s just with the lights off and is lying in our bed, i don’t want any type of sexual advances from him. We usually cuddle a lot when we sleep.. so much so that he usually find me in his sleep and pulls me in, often with his hand kind of cupping me. I know I’d just feel so uncomfortable if we cuddled. I felt him turn towards me yesterday and my heart stopped thininking he was going to slide over and cuddle again. It’s a weird feeling and I don’t even know if I’m exposing how I’m feeling accurately.

    I just feel bad that it’s offending him so much. I just feel like id tense up and want him off of me if he were to try and have sex, so I’ve been honest about it all. Anyway, I hope this feeling doesn’t last long... at least the cuddling feeling
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