Thirty Days and Counting Onward

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  1. I did it. 30 days. Thirty days ago it seemed like an impossibility. It had its moments and plenty of temptation. But I am greater than "it". I won. I have miles to go before I am done (will I ever be done?) but the thought of going back is slowly fading.

    I say none of this with arrogance or excessive pride. I have to thank the members of NoFap who had the kindness to give support to a total stranger. I thank God for giving me more strength to carry on and defeat the enemy.

    How do I feel? Different. But different in a good way. More in tune with myself. Less anxious. Definitely less depressed (if at all). I have more time. I don't feel this consuming desire to hide and PMO. I am learning about myself by opening up to others. I am not being judged. I am happier.

    Am I done? No. Far from it. I await my 60 and 90 day goals. I await relations with the wife I want to know and experience again. Small steps, my fellow NoFap friends, small steps.

    I come here to vent my frustrations, to learn how others are feeling, to give support to the needy, and to try my hardest to tell the youth to end this while they are young. I am proud to be here as I have received help when I needed it. I can only give it back.

    May you all reach your goals and defeat the enemy. Thank you.
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    Made it to Day 15 then failed. That’s awesome you made it to 30!
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    Great job man I'm so happy for your progress and victory! It's a beautiful thing to me to see men walking this road. Keep pressing forward no matter what happens. I hope and pray to God that you and your wife's relationship gets deeper and deeper. Healed and complete in every area. God bless take care man
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  4. Thank you brother. God bless you also.
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