The Common Denominator of Beta Males/Low Status Men is...

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BigDawg913, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. BigDawg913

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    ...being chronically unenthusiastic about one's own life, identity & image.

    My best friend is the most alpha dude that I have ever personally met. The following account is based on a real person. We'll call him, "Dylan."

    When I first met Dylan 6 years ago, he was not an especially handsome guy. He was fairly scrawny; he was the worst kid on our college team; he was not very popular among the guys in our dorm, and in some ways he struck me as sort of a goofy dude.

    But the one thing everyone knew about Dylan: he knew how to get laid. Since the day I met him, this dude has never not had a girl hanging onto his arm.

    After college, he moved away to Texas. When he first got there, he had no job, no money, and lived out of his car. And still, he got girls' numbers. Still, he found away to get laid, sometimes in the car he lived out of.

    When he finally got an entry level job & was able to afford a place, he had one mattress that laid in the middle of his living room w/ no other furniture. And guess what? He still got laid almost every week.

    Today, Dylan has a six figure job. He's put on a significant amount of muscle since the first day I met him, and although he could be out sleeping with dozens different of girls this year, he's found one that he genuinely loves and wants to marry one day. Despite the fact he had a rough childhood, he's the most genuinely happy person I've ever met, and it's because he loves himself, he's highly invested in his own life, and he doesn't seek validation from others.

    I've been trying to quit masturbating to porn every day for the last 471 days, and today I'm going to quit for me. Thank you Dylan, for being the big brother I never had. I love you man.
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    Wow, I have heard about Nofap like two years ago, started to practice a month ago, but I lose the challenge one time per week... Gonna try 30 days at least.
  3. Infrasapiens

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    I do not aprove his lifestyle but the loving yourself part could be true.
  4. IR254

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    If it's Dylans idea of a good life to have sex with countless random girls, then okay...

    I personally don't consider it "alpha" (whatever that means) to fuck around, while I live out of my car or on a matress without furniture. I wouldn't even consider it "alpha" to do that, if he had a 8 figure job and a mansion.

    I'm much more impressed by a man, who has control over his life, knows what he wants and does what it takes to get it. The last bit of your story comes close to that, I guess.

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