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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ABCA, May 19, 2019.

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    I was a good student in my childhood classes, then became a bright student in middle then eventually when on 11-12 years old, exposed to PMO by school friends.
    My life from then took a U-turn, everything got messed up. My grades started declining with every passing year. I joined CA after High School, and as expected, performed very badly and faced multiple failures (I never failed before CA), even to reach at CA finals. Now today I am in CA finals and again facing or going to face failures just because of this PMO thing. With every passing day its becoming worse. I am hitting the 'rock-bottom' of my life where there is no way out. I am crossing all the limits in the gutter of this filth.
    I know deeply that just leaving PMO will not solve the problems because many other issues were raised during these 13 years of gutter. like:
    -Overeating - Obesity (I was skinny back then now I am overweight)
    -Poor memory (I got a very sharp memory)
    -Anhedonia (Especially lost interest in studies)
    -Became dull and numb.
    -Became addicted of: Smartphone usage, Youtube, Internet, PC, Video games, Movies, Songs i.e. everything except studies.

    I have failed too in Nofap multiple times, I don't know what to do, where to go? Either to consult a psychiatrist or do anything else??

    Please help. Left with less than 20 days in Final exams.
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    I know where you are. Its like reading my own story. Yes Nofap won't solve all your problems but it will give you the energy and motivation to change your life step by step. It's okay to fail as long as you keep trying and being honest with yourself. Are you doing what you want to do ? If not why are you doing it ? I will give you hard basic training. First of all accept all your mistakes you did in the past yoou can't change the past. But you can change yourself now! Do basic workouts. After that a cold shower every morning. 2 days workout 1 day rest. Listen to motivational music. Don't get too emotional. Reduce your smartphone time. Plan your plans. Do every possible little step to get forward. Don't stress. Stress won't make your faster or better. Get ready to leap while being afraid. You will get one chance. Life doen't care if you are ready or not. Even if you are afraid to jump. Do it anyways. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL ?! THEN GET READY TO GET DEEP INTO THIS WORK!
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    Wish you all the best. PMO won't make problems go away, but it can help you. For me it's especially the pornos - I realized how unsatisfied they can make you feel.

    Advice for you: Take it step by step! Do you know that "meme" from Bojack?:

    I know it's hard, but it get's easier.
    Every day it gets a little bit easier.
    But you gotta do it every day, that's the hard part.
    For me this is a realistic approach that motivates me. If you get up now, get a good shower and tidy up you have done something already. Then sit for half an hour of studies and reward yourself afterwards. After the reward, study another half an hour, then go for a walk (or run). Repeat for some time, but don't set your goal to do this until midnight, choose a realistic time --> Then you can get to bed with a feeling of accomplishment.

    If you do this the next day aswell you already started a habit --> Every day it gets a little easier.
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    One step at a time, one small little step at a time. One thing that you can change, take that, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to you, compared to the whole task ahead, that is the way out. Take one little thing, and commit yourself to that, only one, the one you can change right now, today, in this moment. You will learn from it; learn to get up, once again, after each blow, don't stay down. If it is unmanageable, start from what you can manage and build from there, with humbleness, and determination. When you have to study, set yourself a goal, set a clock, like concentrating full heart and mind on a subject for 10 minutes. Ten minutes, you have to do those ten minutes, bear the pain, fight against all the monster that will show up to take you away from that, block it all out, focus your vision for 10 minutes, only ten minutes, don't watch the clock, just wait for the alarm to go off. If you feel that you can do one or two extra minutes, do them - if you can do that little extra, do the little extra that you can do.

    Ten minutes of full study, focused, free from distraction, absorbed.
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    Great tip man.
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    What to do? Keep going :). I would lie if I told you that my life was at no point a total mess. Now I just laugh about it. People fail. It's just what happens.
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