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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Divinekarma, May 31, 2018.

  1. Divinekarma

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    So I see countless threads, posts here talking about successes and misses with PMO. Everyday a person exposed to NoFAP makes a promise to himself/his loved ones to overcome the addiction or to be precise a compulsive habit yet only few manage to cross the finish line in their lifetime. So what were the winners smokin' when they walked the same path like the rest of the world? Let's contemplate on this subject and come up with some unique strategies to help the man/woman hood and humanity as a whole to defeat this filth.

    I request everyone who stumbled on this thread to share just one of their ace tip which they believe can be a game changer in the universal quest for PMO freedom.

    Personally I've had great success by slowing down my environment when the urges hits with great intensity. I'd immediately start introspecting the situation and firmly remind myself that my soul ain't weak enough to be overcome by ignorance and delusion. I kept doing it for countless number of times and now its more of natural expression.

    It worked for me, So what works for you?
    Let's keep it short and to the point.

    Don't just help yourselves, help the humanity and you'd do yourself a great favour.
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  2. Dov

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    and don't go hard on yourself, that's useless, focus on learning from mistakes.
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  3. rooftop

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    Yeah this time Im being very consciouss each time an urge or dopamine-want comes and its being a lot more easier (and clearer)
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  4. ukbritishbloke

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    I totally agree with this. It sounds PMO-friendly to be "okay" with relapses, but it's actually not. The thing is to keep going. I've found my relapses have been getting smaller, less and deescalated plus I have learned stuff that helps me avoid them. It's like falling off a bike. You have to get straight back on again.
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  5. Theultimatefighter_21

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    Put in your head that "If you are going through hell, keep going!". Remind this is not going to be easy and that you may fall, but never use the falls as justifications to leave NoFap. Always try again and again. An effective method is to put a goal in it, and work in that goal, something like improve yourself or confessing to a certain girl. And here is a tip that surprisingly works: Forget about the counter. Don't count days, make days count instead.
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  6. Divinekarma

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    I think self discipline at the level of Mind, body and intellect is the most important aspect to Nofap success. If we train our mind to become strong, it will be strong. If we let it be weak like a pampered child, it will become weak and brittle. It would collapse at the smallest shock.

    Let us avoid self pity because it makes us weak. Let us avoid all kinds of negative thoughts like envy, jealousy and narrow-mindedness. Some people do not exchange what they know because they feel that somebody would steal their knowledge. They forget that the more we give, the more our knowledge grows! Also, let us give up the ideas of dependence. There is no person, thing or a habit in the world without whom or without which it is impossible for us to live. Nothing is indispensable, including PMO. There are people, communities and nations who have rebuilt life from ashes. Japan is one such living example - So why can't we? All you need is to simply Clear your mind of can't.
  7. DeludedSoul

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    I think, what has helped me so far is not starting at lustful images and exposing girls as well. The world out there is too much sexy. I don't allow my attention to rest on the erotica that's around.
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