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    I let this fantasy escalate this last 2 weeks , I was not me I was this self invented person
    I could not sleep I could not eat right I could not concentrate at work, I did spend a lot of time online countless hours just chatting with guys living this fantasy, posting some pics then deleting them turning my cam on once in a while and broadcasting, wow it was so shameful so degrading, I even made plans to meet with a few men, but I didn't do, now I am back to being myself my normal self, I have been doing this all for about 15 years, back and forth, usually after going back to normal life like right now, I get rid of the clothes I used everything lingerie, shoes, wig make up toys, I just get rid of them
    I also delete all accounts I created for this activity, wipe off laptops and cellphones, because I don't want to remember none of this its so shameful but this time I am keeping everything, if I feel like coming back for more of this shit well I dont have to buy a lot of stuff again and I don't have to open more internet account since they are still open I know its dangerous to keep all of this but I feel like I MUST FACE THIS DEMON IN THE EYES AND SAY COME AND GET ME!!!!I AM NOT RUNNING FROM YOU I AM FIGHTING YOU!! I AM NOT PLAYING GAMES NO MORE
  2. miXhal

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    Good decision to stop, also to be here.
    Questionable decision to keep all of this.
    Bad decision to try to make it alone.
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  3. Cassian Andor

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    In general terms, do you think that sharing an addiction with your parents would be one important step to recovery?
    Every time I miss a streak I think about speaking to them but then i convince myself that is not necessary.
  4. miXhal

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    I think that there is nothing to lose by doing that. They would like to help you with it, I am sure of this.
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  5. Vendettana

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    Man, I'm with you. I was struggeling with porn addiction for years, without even knowing I have a problem. Like you, I had problems to concentrate, I did not leave to work on time, because I was watching porn in the morning. Although it was straight porn (with a lot of anal), a couple of months ago, I started watching shemales. And like you, in all those years, often after ejaculation, I immediately deleted all my downloaded videos in disgust, only to redownload them again a couple of days later.
    I am on NoFap for four days now. I did not ejaculate for three months and I stopped watching porn four days ago. And like you, I have not deleted my videos this time. I know they are there. I will deleted them after day 90. I am sick and tired of my strong words after ejaculation, when hormones drop, only to download them again. At least I will save bandwidth this time!
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  6. kriss93

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    Do you crave for shemales and anal sex after three months of no-ejaculation? Has something changed in you? If yes, what?
  7. Vendettana

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    First of all, during those three months I did not masturbate. But I had sex with my wife a month ago (right now I am working abroad). So let's say it like that: I did not masturbate, I had sex and I did ejaculate.
    Yes, things did change, my interest in Shemales is fading. I now rarely have the fantasy to have sex with a shemale. (I was only interested in black shemales that were feminized and had a big penis).
    I am looking forward to see my wife again and I hope this will be soon. I am more interested in her than ever. My interest for shemales and for porn in general is fading but it is not zero. I stopped watching porn like a week ago. I hope this will improve even more.
    Why, what about you?

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