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    The endgame of all biology is reproduction. Even if the body is not building it as energy in some esoteric belief systems it still does require biosynthesis. In terms of biosynthesis it's not like fats, or protein, we are talking about a microorganism-like cell. It has a flagella for crying out loud. Not only that, it doesn't require simple building blocks, it requires trace metals, which are always in low concentrations in the body, yet the body decides to use these minerals in semen production. This is definitely an energy intensive process. This is cellular biosynthesis at a higher level. To be honest these minerals are also used in each and every cell in the body in order to supply energy production, for example, Kinases use Mg2+ a common trace mineral, Iron("hemo"globin), Zinc, etc. Its funny as alot of the trace minerals are actually used in sperm production. What's even more interesting is that the trace minerals are the ones that are used primarily in synthesis and degradation of digestive products and metabolites. B-12, vitamin c(oxidative scavenger), phosphorus(what makes adenosine triphosphate ATP- primary energy currency of body). Also how can we forget DNA, which uses Amino acids, Nitrogen, Phosphates, Ribose, which are really not light in terms of energy of production. You can literally find these facts in almost any book on biomedical nutrition. Let's also add that certain hormones must be synthesized, most commonly from cholesterol, which comes from vitamin d.Which also require a crap ton of energy, including photon capture(yes we are slightly photosynthetic).

    That being said, sex is good once in a while considering the amount of energy, and time the body puts into making this stuff, also considering in biology reproductive success "IS THE ONLY FACTOR SHOWING TRUE EVOLUTIONARY SUCCESS".

    Bu the way, I saw some people posting on Kinetic energy. In terms of biology. that literally ends up as heat. I dont even think that has any tangible bearing on biological process besides maintaining endothermic homeostasis in terms of body heat, also maintaining enzyme functionality through homeostasis regulation.

    I had posted this on another post, but I would like to see other views on this. Bring out all your journals and whatnot, lets go
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    Guys, think about what are the effects of neurotransmitters. They relay a chemical signal. What plays the biggest role in terms of energy relay? The nervous system. The nervous system uses electrical and chemical signals in order to receive information from sensory input as well as reply to external stimuli. My wonder has always been, how to conceptualize an orgasm.

    Our brain releases crazy amounts of neurotransmitters, and/or electrical impulses on any given day. The main component for muscle contraction is Ca2+. Which leaks from the sarcolasmic reticulum due to signals sent by the nervous system. So in terms of just using skeletal muscle(walk, run, lifting), Ca2+ is being released per contraction, and majority reabsorbed when the contractile signal is in its resting refractory phase.

    So we know that Ca2+ is released per individual nerve impulses per your mental impulse, and this causes muscular contraction.

    But now, imagine your aroused, that's constant Ca2+ influx for contraction of certain muscles for the entire duration of the erection. Can you even imagine the amount of chemical action going into this process? All of your baseline metabolic processes go into PNS(flight or fight system). I will go into PNS when I get time, just know that's the state is taxing as hell in terms of neurochemistry, biochemistry, and even muscle physiology. Your temperature goes up, pupil dilates, glucagon dumps sugar into your blood, airways open, digestive processes slow down. The system goes from energy in abundance to NEED ENERGY NOW mode. So just now that being aroused ain't no simple game.

    Next it is important to understand that these nervous pathways serving this function are constantly undergoing stimulation, even with one event the synaptic connections become alot stronger. Now just imagine thousands every minute. Imagine what happens when you edge.

    The good news is, just as we've strengthened those pathways, we can also weaken them, by controlling our minds. First of all it's pretty easy, because regardless we spend 80-90% of our day not activating the sexual pathways. If you can control your thoughts, this endeavour will become alot easier. See if you're more involved in a certain nervous pathway(looking at female bootie, looking at porn, etc), that pathway becomes more sensitive to stimuli, due to receptor upregulation. Therefore becomes easier to stimulate, or to activate that nervous path. At this point it won't take much thought or sensory input to get that mental process going. Which as we all know, is not good. Hence the nofap term "trigger".

    In contrast to that, say you control your thoughts, actions etc. over time, believe it or not the receptors will down regulate(lower receptor levels). When the receptors are less, it takes more neurotransmitter to activate that certain thought pattern or nervous pathway. This naturally has to happen over some time. So I presume baseline is maybe 1 year. And just to lower the urges based on this site, probably 40 days to just release alot of toxic thoughts. By day 80, you should be miles better than where you were, depending on how well you keep shooting down those dirty thoughts. You can still look at bootie, but dont let it sit in your thoughts because it's just not beneficial.

    None of our actions are wrong, instead see them as just obstacles that hold you back from reaching your full potential. We describe God, for those who believe, as ever loving. So I personally believe he himself/her self will never hurt you. It's our own actions that close us down. Chemical addiction whether to coffee, sugar, pornography, that's the real anchor in the deep ocean that we call "me". These things create dark emotions in us, they stop us from laughing. They give us a short burst of happiness only to take it back with interest. Release yourselves. If you have a dependency on chemical things like alcohol, cocaine, they literally by their very own chemical nature are the cause of all your pain and sadness. When the mind and body are happy, even day to day problems become a laugh.

    On a fun note, pornstars all require injections. By the rules of physiology, it is literally impossible to keep "going at it" for so long without chemical intervention. The muscles go through cycles, it's just not possible. Remember back when you used to edge. Edging is going as close to the limit as possible, right? Well why is there a limit in the first place?

    I can also explain pre-mature Ejac. Essentially you have too much receptors on the sexual pathway. This can cause easier build up of Excitatory Post Synaptic Potential(EPSP). This build up can increase the frequency of action potential, build up or higher frequency of action potential causes Orgasm.

    When you have too much receptors, its just easier to reach orgasm, simple as that. So the less you engage your mind, thoughts and actions with sex, the better for you in terms of endurance. That's how I believe it is supposed to be naturally.
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