Please share some good tips/strategies for time management

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by getdanked21, Feb 3, 2018.

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    If anything takes less than 2 minutes, complete the task.
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    My two biggest tips for better time management and productivity:

    1) Install Todoist. It's an application that lets you set up a todo list and manage tasks. Search on YouTube for videos about it and you'll find plenty of guides on how to set it up/use it. It makes it so much easier to be productive, and it's also great for storing ideas. It's helped me massively improve my productivity over the last year, I get so much more done, and use my time much better.

    The nice thing is you can go really deep with it. It's not just like a standard shopping list/todo list, you can set things for specific dates like a calendar, you can have recurring tasks etc, and it's smart. For example, you can have recurring tasks that come up every Wednesday, like maybe a workout, you can have tasks that come up once a month, or once a year, like say setting goals etc.

    You can set different priorities on the tasks, so you can easily sort which tasks need to be completed first. You can also organise all the tasks into different categories. For example I have a routines category, with all my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines. I have a work category, with all my work related tasks in. My work category has a sub-category called "Ideas" where I store new video and product ideas as tasks with no due date.

    Then I have a category called "things to do next" which is sort of like the ideas category, but for non-work related things. In here I have things I need to buy, books I need to remember to read at some point, films I've been recommended to watch, and this is also where I put other general tasks/responsibilities, like say a doctor's appointment or stuff like that.

    Finally I have a goals category, split into short term goals, and yearly goals. I tick them off as I complete them.

    2) Meditate every day, twice a day. Once in the morning. Once in the evening. It might seem counter-intuitive, to set aside time each day to meditate, when you're trying to make the most of your time, but try this for a week and you'll immediately discover just how much time it frees up. When your mind is running wild, you procrastinate, waste time, get caught up in pursuing non-productive habits like PMO, long gaming sessions, alcohol, etc. When you take a nice meditation session in the morning after waking up, you quieten the mind, and put yourself in an energised and productive mood. You feel focused, alert, and you feel like you've already accomplished something, so you want to ensure the rest of the day goes well, and don't want to waste it on mindless rubbish. As a result of this, you'll find that despite the fact you technically have less free time due to meditation, you end up spending more time working, AND more time relaxing than you did before, because you cut down on procrastination and wasted time.

    Then, when you meditate again in the evening, you do this after the work day or your major responsibilities are over. This session, as well as putting you in a good mood and quietening your mind like the first session, also helps you wind down so you can truly relax for the rest of the night. Many of us are in this weird limbo state where we spend so much of our day procrastinating, playing games, engaging in silly pursuits, and yet.. we don't actually really enjoy any of it.

    We're just bored all the time, and trying to fill that void, but never really finding more than slight relief. Why is that? Well, just as our mind often doesn't settle down enough to keep us focused on our work and responsibilities, it often never settles down enough for us to truly relax. This lack of relaxation, causes us to procrastinate more, do worse with work and responsibilities. As a result, we feel more stressed, and more in need of relaxation. It's a vicious cycle that just continues, leaving you feeling more stressed, less happy, and struggling more and more with being productive.

    So, after your responsibilities are out of the way, you take this second meditation session, to clear your mind, to put the stresses of the day behind you, and to really allow you to focus purely on relaxing for those last few hours of the day. This way you really get to work hard when you need to work hard, and relax completely when you need to relax. Balance is restored, stress drops, productivity rises, and you're left happier and more fulfilled.

    I started up twice daily meditation recently and I can't think of any single habit I've introduced into my life that has made such a huge difference as this one. I used to meditate once a day, but the difference twice daily makes is so much bigger. :)

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