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  1. Yes I would think creating a good palette would be essential, something with a good contrast distribution, you can use the histogram feature to see that.. probably easier if you could take an existing color palette.

    @Fiona Looking forward to seeing it and thanks!

    @tweeby Btw forgot to say I liked your Alice and Fapinator!
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    I'm not sure, obviously as a newbie I thinking jumping straight into colour will be difficult. I did a quick test with a bunch of colour swatches and it was freaking hard. Gray scale looks easier, all I did was create a layer above it then paint over with mode set to soft light, it seemed to work.

    The only trouble is it seems like getting into bad practices, because to counter act the grey undertones you have to pick a more vivid colour to compensate. I will try some more tests tonight. Good luck for the weekend guys.

    And @Fiona if the topic could be something easy to start with that would be great. Thanks for the compliments RG, I love your work too, I actually learned a lot from the way you go about things including your composition and colour swatches.
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