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  1. I’m curious to know if you could somehow go back in time on some back to the future shit. And go back to the first time you were about to PMO. What advice would you give yourself at that age about PMO?
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  2. Crash95

    Crash95 Fapstronaut

    I think I started when I was twelve years old.
    If I had seen my young me in front of the pc i would have told him:
    Get the sh... out of here and play with your friends like anybody else does!
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  3. Zestria

    Zestria Fapstronaut

    I was a late bloomer in this regard. Sixteen was when I started PMO. I would go back and tell myself to stop before I go down a road that it is so hard to get off. It's like being stuck in rush hour traffic on an infinite highway. You need to work hard to try to take the exit and break away from the rest of the pack.
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  4. With the information I have now, I would have never watched porn. I would have told myself to go join the gym and lose weight instead or try out for the basketball team that way it wouldn't have consumed my life the way that it has.
  5. I'd tell the younger version of myself every superbowl winner for the next 20 years, hand him (me) a thousand dollars and say, "You're welcome."
  6. well played bud..well played
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  7. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    I suppose I would just tell myself about how addictive that stuff can become, so it's best to quit while you still can do so easily.
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  8. Recovery908

    Recovery908 Fapstronaut

    I started when I was 7 y old

    I should’ve gave myself advice about how PMO would mess up your life, so just don’t do it
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  9. Shit, I'd tell myself "It's all good as long as you hit the lottery, here are the numbers for Powerball tomorrow!". I'd rather deal with this problem having Benjamin Franklin behind my back.
  10. I wouldnt say anything about PMO simply because I know the younger version of me wouldnt have listened. Rather I would talk about the things I do find joy in and encourage my younger self to pursue those things. I would have also told my younger self that I'm not worthless or hopeless.
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  11. ToEdgeOrNtToEdge

    ToEdgeOrNtToEdge Fapstronaut

    No need to say all that, just show your younger self the discusting videos, tell him that this is where porn leads (as well as poor sex), and problem solved xD
  12. RainbowShell

    RainbowShell Fapstronaut

    I think we might not realize the implications it would have on ourselves and the people around us, who we are and who they are, time travel is a really interesting topic but if possible it could change things a lot. If I went back in time and talked with myself this would Kill the person I am today, all the choices I made in my life good and bad is the person I am, I may regret a lot of decisions I made in my life but It has made the man I am today, and going back would be the same as killing myself, This would also change the people in my life, and the entire world.

    We as people don't understand how much of a influence we have on each other, that time when you was late for work cause you watched porn you would have hit a little girl with your car but instead you where home, this little girl later grew up to find the cure for cancer (Not saying we should PMO trying to explain that we have had an effect on the world we live in today and sometimes on a grander scale that we might not realize, both negative and positive)

    The choices I made in my life are set in stone, they has made me the person I am today, I love myself and I accept my mistakes I made over the years, I regret the bad ones but I learn from them and move forward with a greater understanding on what I need to do with my life.

    The choices I make from now on will not be all great but I plan to do the best I can to always make the right choices.
  13. usef Abs

    usef Abs Fapstronaut

    The reason i started watching porn at a young age was to get away from reality. I would tell my younger self to be strong and that he doesn't have to turn to porn. He should get back and ride that bike and play football with his friends. I would tell him that all the things you are going through now will make you stronger. I would hug him and tell him that you must learn to love yourself.
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  14. I would say, there is nothing wrong with you. Be gentle with yourself. There is nothing shameful about sexuality. There is no harm in sexuality as long as it is respectful and not exploitative. You are going to have a lot of hangups around sex because of the world you developed in, and it might be a struggle to find out how to relate to your sexuality. There is nothing wrong with you. Find someone that you can be honest with about your developing sexuality. Going through this world all alone can lead us into some dark alleys. And again, there is nothing wrong with you. Be gentle with yourself. Being a human has many difficulties. Whatever is happening, it doesn't mean you are good or you are bad. This is just what being a human looks like.
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  15. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    I would have told the old me 'Don't click on that page.'

    Because one day @Deadlihood will fulfil you both emotionally and physically like these moving pixelated images never will. I mean he still does, but we lost soooo much time :(
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  16. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

    I would advice myself to create the NoFap community.....maybe youtube too...
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  17. Mankrik

    Mankrik Fapstronaut

    No regrets. Wouldnt give any advice and let myself figure things out on my own just the way I did. Nobody ever told me anything about porn or sex or anything but I'm ok with that. I'm glad that I have the right mindset about it now and was able to make the right decisions by my own accord. Sure there were some dark times that came about from that trial and error but overall it has given a better understanding of myself and my vices. We're only human and we all make mistakes but we must be honest with ourselves and be willing to make changes.
  18. TheLoneDanger

    TheLoneDanger Fapstronaut

    My situation is far too nuanced than to just warn myself about PMO. If I found myself during that first time, it would’ve already been too late. My addiction came from a deep, dark place years before I indulged, so I don’t think I would’ve even listened to myself back then.
  19. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    But think of all the time we now have to make up ;]
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  20. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Well just so you know, this weekend I've downloaded a special video from netflix about two cowboys who go hunting and fishing on some kinda mountain, the synopsis sounded manly to me. . . And

    I'm going to be wearing your favourite boxer briefs ;]
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