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    Today I decided to tell you my full story about how I began doing pmo and other things... When I was around 12 years old I was in primary school being on computer in computer room with my school mates when suddenly my friend started to play a P video and my other school mates joined him... For the first time I've seen something like that and I felt really horroble at first but then like 2 years later it began to be my daily routine (watching P and doing MO)... I had my first O when I was 14... It felt amazing but I wasn't really addicted to it because I did that occasionally so I didn't really needed support or anything... I wasn't even aware that it is dangerous... But then I entered high school and I saw that there were a lot of people who watched P on daily basis so I decided to experiment and began to do pmo for once a day... When I was around 16 I was "proffessional" in pmo... Until my 20 years I was doing it on a daily basis and even several times a day... I felt lot of times really tired and depressed and lonely because of it... It almost ruined my life! I would jerk off for no reason for anything at anytime... I was horroble addicted to it and I felt extremely bad and even I knew when I was 18 that it was very dangerous I continued it... Anyway I made it 104 days free of pmo too which I am proud of... (and there were also some pauses from pmo but not so big and grand scale). I think because of that addiction I felt many times very very stressed and argued with my parents for no reason... My grades fortunately didn't suffer beacuse of it thankfully which is a miracle because I had A grades all the time and they were in majority... I haven't started any other addictions but now I know that pmo addiction can be the gateway to other addictions... From my 20-23 years I was not doing it on a regular basis anymore... I started to live a life that is fullfilling and I don't want to get to my old life again... I want to be a better person because I think this addiction can kill even the strongest person in the world.. What I most regret that I didn't have any girls in high school (and not having sex with them), which I will probably regret that for the rest of my life... I feel horroble at this moment when I am writing it but at the same time I feel relaxed because this is my true story and I want you to know it and I want you not to do pmo anymore... Stop it... You will thank yourself later... Don't be a piece of shit anymore when you wake up and do it... I don't do it anymore... I know that I have had a lot of opportunities with girls because I attracted them but I didn't know how to use them probably because of pmo... I hope that feeling of regret will pass one day... But now my friends I am determined and with your help and support I believe I can do it and I can win against pmo now and forever... together we can do it they say and I believe they are right... Pain is temporar, Glory Is Eternal I still say to me everyday even I don't believe it sometimes... I saw a sign one day and there was Churchill saying:"If you are going through hell, keep forward." And that is what I'm going to do... We have to be successfull again, we have to win pmo... Now is the last time... And there is future brighter than we can ever imagine... Be brave my friends, we are together in this and we got this... #StayStrong #NoFapRocks #WeWillWin
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