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  1. Alright, I've already asked this before, but I will do this again so I can hopefully get a proper response.
    Does anyone know how to block Microsoft Edge efficiently? I have blocked both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and they're pretty good. However, Microsoft Edge is difficulty to block and if I can, I'd like to get rid of it.
    Can one deactivate Microsoft Edge from their computer system?
    This website being what it is and what it is for, there should be a few good computer geeks out there that can help me out with this. Again, I've tried to block Microsoft Edge but it is SO ridiculously complex!
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  2. ultrafabber

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    It's easier to just install K9 web protection, it blocks access to all adult content from any browser on a computer
  3. ZenAF

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    I've used Qustodio. It's very thorough and offers a lot of control. But it's 50 bucks a year after trial period.
    But since I'm on this streak I'm not using blockers anymore. They are a statement of distrust to oneself and a bad long-term solution.
  4. I used K-9 Web protection once. At first it worked but the only thing was is that it slowed my programs down significantly. At first it was going good but then later, for some reason, it just started to make everything so slow. Even opening up a browser was slow enough!
    I'm debating on this one though. I'm not at a time where I really need something.
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  5. I just looked online. They ended K-9 web protection and it's now controlled by Symantec. It also costs money.
    On this Qustodio, do you recommend I just by the small plan? Also, I see that it's in Euros as well. I'm in Austria but I'm sure it'll still work when I return to America (sorry, I don't know much about how these things work).
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think about Covenant Eyes? I heard you have an accountability partner in it and everything. Just curious.
  7. Ronila

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    Only way to block software is not have it, and then disable ability to install new software. Microsoft Edge is part of windows 10 package, just like file explorer(that program you use to see files). This means it is not designed to be removed.

    Can it be removed - yes, you would need to go in to packages and find it kill it, which may cause all sorts of odd things to happen.

    How do you do that? Open google and type "Disable or remove Windows Edge browser" then follow first link for instructions.
  8. diep

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    K-9 web protection sucks. You can set your router DNS to Cleanbrowsing and it will filter all porn sites and enable safe search for you.
  9. ultrafabber

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    Well, that's sad, they sold out. I haven't used it in a while so i didn't know about the Symantec/Norton thing. I don't remember having issues with it slowing down things.

    Didn't know about Cleanbrowsing DNS that @diep mentioned but it looks like a good free alternative.

    Just don't rely on p blockers, use them initially and then disable them.

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