Let the journey begin...

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by I'm dying, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. I'm dying

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    OK so, I've been thinking about creating an account for a while now but I always seemed to believe that I wouldn't need it in order to quit PMO for good... After relapsing more times than I can even count I think the time has come for me to become a new fapstronaut and chase my goals with the help of the community.
    I'm a male 18 years old and my addiction started at the age of 14. A month ago I used to masturbate while watching porn on a daily basis. I suffer from derealizasion and brain fog. I feel like my emotions are completely numbed and I am not able to live a fulfilling life. Its like I am in a strange dream, locked inside my on head. Communication has become extremely difficult lately and I seem to be disconnected from the people around me.
    I am about to go to the university so it is really important to me that I quit PMO for good in order to live my life happy and energetic. The most I've ever managed to stay away from masturbation is 15 days.
    I really hope that this journey is worth it and that I have what it takes to achieve my goals.
    Let the journey begin... :emoji_dizzy:
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  2. Lefty2

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    Your story resonates with me. I can vividly remember when I was your age. I can’t say I did it to excess. I am older than you are so when I was your age we had Playboy, Penthouse etc. Before the internet. Hard to believe. While I am not where you are now in terma of age, I can relate to the PMO and being hooked. I am 49 and trying to break free. I can’t say that I have the brain fog or symptoms like that it I can say it has impacted my sex life with my wife and believe things will only get better if I can quit this thing.

    You are about to go to the University? Is dating an interest for you? I know when I was in college I dated a lot. It dodn’t completely make the problem go away but real human contact does help.

    Staying busy and not being by yourself a whole lot will help too. In college hopefully the social life will be active for you.

    I can’t say I have the answer but I do hope that you work to get a handle on it while you are young. This forum/ website is a great start. You see folks from around the world that battle with the same thing you are battling. That should provide aome reassurance that you are not along. I am going to try and do like I tell you and be strong- you can do it. I believe we all can beat this habit.
  3. hardowner

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    Hello and welcome to the community. You can reboot with or without nofap, but the forum sticks you in the paint. Enjoy your university years as much as you can...

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