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  1. This is copied from day 4 of my journal "limitless Possibilities" in the under 20s forum.

    I wasn't very productive yesterday but got a little bit of work done and an upper body session, the house party was brilliant, chatted with a few girls and was way smoother than usual, got a girls number and had my first kiss, granted it was an awkward kiss because I've never done it before, but she kept talking to me later on in the evening, timeout don't know whether or not to pursue as we have very different life goals, however it was pretty cool and I was hard pretty much the whole time so my libido is doing alright, I don't know whether the 4 day streak or the improvements I've made over the past few months are the cause but it was a big stepping stone for me and an enjoyable experience.
    Out of 10 -
    Confidence: 8
    Sex drive: 8
    Thanks for reading.
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