Is edging bad

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by shane813flow, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. shane813flow

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    I’ve heard that edging is just as bad as pmo is that true ?
  2. GorillaVikingwithaBLT

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    It's just as bad, if not worse. I found that when I edged I set myself up for relapse... pretty much every single time. If I don't finish right then and there, then I'm very most likely to come back sometime either that same day or the next and finish. I would not mess around with edging at all. You may not ejaculate immediately, but you're really screwing with the recovery of your brain.
  3. ShyIIock

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    Edging is worse in my opinion.
    When you pmo you just masturbate and then ejaculate - 1 domapine shot to your brain and its done.
    When you edge, you basically bath your brain in chemicals for much more time, and most likely you wont handle it and ejacule either way.
  4. Infrasapiens

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  5. Alhabor

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    That is correct. Don’t even fancy the subject if you wanna quit. It fires up the same neural pathways that light up when you PMO. Do not use it to cope with withdraw.
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  6. DekuHope

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    Quick answer: Yes
  7. Capt. U

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    In a way yes, because like stated before you saturate your brain with dopamine longer since there is no orgasm to stop you.
  8. bfdet

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    edging is worse than PMO. Your body becomes accustomed to un-natural levels of stimulation for un-naturally long time. The longer the edging behavior continues, the more your body learns to think of that level of stimulation for that long time as "normal". The result is that your body and mind become de-sensitized and it takes more intense physical and mental stimulation for unrealistically long times for your body to respond since it no longer works as it should.

    Bottom line on edging: DON'T do it.
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  9. Sardonic

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    Edging is actually what drove me to the decision to quit PMO. I'll explain. I asked out a girl I liked, and got rejected, then continued with my PMO habits, but it wasn't enough. I'm not sure how I learned about edging but I did, and within a month I had a snap realisation that it was making me even more obsessed with porn, so I embarked on my first streak. After the first relapse I went back to edging for a long while (gap between first major streak and 2nd was about 50 days) but the novelty eventually wore off.

    Tl:dr I coped withing rejection from a crush by learning edging, regretted it. Tried it without porn, eventually lead back to PMO

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