I keep relapsing,relapsing and relapsing

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Edbert choopin, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Edbert choopin

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    Guys i need your help give me some advice
    I keep Relapsing.Any Advice?

    P.s : my best streak is 33 and i just relapse today :(
  2. Maddey

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  3. Amazing Athest

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    agreed with maddey
    also workout a lot so you burn a lot of energy
    I my self faped after 38 days and to be honest it was great
    so don't feel bad mate just do your best to use all of your energy
  4. All we know how difficult is this my friend.
    Must reading all the time here the other stories.
    With this you understand the stages away from porn addiction and you will be ready for everything.
    You must read and understand the changes witch created in our brain from the porn. (Read abou dopamine and porn). With this you understand the difficulty and why we can't stop it so easy.
    You must learn from your old relapses the reasons for relapse and don't do again.
    Need find other things to keep you brain busy.
    AND focus to your target. Don't forget why are you here and what it your target . FOCUS

    You can do it this time.
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  5. Amazing Athest

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    yeah like try to find and understand your triggers and avoid them

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