Doing NoFap since 4 months, first streak of 50 days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by LoyalKnight, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! I am doing NoFap since 4 months, and I managed to get a streak of 50 days. It has been lost yesterday, but I will summarize the effects on me I achieved during my NoFap period in general and during this streak. You should never stick onto your streak and use that as a justification - never. You should be proud of the things you've achieved,

    I am 17y/o, M.

    Some things I achieved since I started NoFap:
    - Better confidence
    - Really like listening music in general and to pop/alt-rock (never did that before)
    - Better social skills
    - I got a new hobby, which is being a soccer referee. Yay!
    - Started visitng the gym
    - Started focusing on Schoolstuff first, then games
    - Saved a lot of time
    - Had nearly no regret
    - I felt myself really clean and proud
    - Started caring more about my look (stopped shaving my beard every 2nd day, instead now I trim it, I style my hair regulary)
    - I take cold showers every day, good or bad.

    And lots more. I am, still unable to go up and approach girls I find cute. But hey, life is not about girls! I achieved so many things, that this.... well.... can wait.

    I actually want to start developing my skills of approaching girls, but it is super hard. Really.

    After all, it did change my life immense. I still have bad days, and during these bad days I mainly lose my streak. But I would have never dreamed of such changes for my life, my parents did not as well.

    I will keep fighting, and lead myself to victory.

    We all shall do the same, let's keep the battle up, brothers and sisters!
  2. Bran Cao

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    Very nice and very right! Can`t agree with you more.
  3. Maddey

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    50 days dats cool man......keep it up u can do 90 and get rid of all ur problems.

    Free advice: If u want to bang a few chicks or have a good girlfrnd IT's OK there is nothing wrong with a decent man to desire a girl (or women). Dont deny this part of u......accept it, conquer ur fear and get a kickass girl....
  4. Jojo man

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    To approach a girl ALL you got to do is walk up smile say hi and just say I like your hair, that color really fits you my name is so n so, what's yours?..just like that get the ball rolling, try it out and tell me watchu think.
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  5. Congrats on your 50 days! Here's to many more!
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    Well done on 50 days man! It's funny you mentioned that you are still scared to talk to girls because today I set myself just one goal of talking to only 1 girl and complementing her but I chickened out every time I got a chance. Like you said, this can wait and we can focus on all the other aspects of our life.
    Keep going strong, I hope to see you on 90 days soon!
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