9 days NoFap, reboot

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by manboi911, May 13, 2019.

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    I started NoFap again, and again and again, for some reason this time though it seems to be sticking. I am experiencing I would say withdrawal symptoms at this point, as any woman is extra sexy to me, any minimalistic sexual thing is magnified but i will persist. I am having trouble with still looking at the porn and anything sexual as I find myself drawn to it even more so now, would this be classed as relapsing?

    I do have a girlfriend and we do have sex quite regularly but i just wanted to move away from porn completely and i admit that i have been fully addicted to this for years now and i want to make a positive change to my life. As I do not do that much with my spare time it is quite easy for me to get bored and relapse although i seem to be keeping strong at the min.

    Seeking any advise from anyone and wondering if this gets any easier? good luck to all you out there starting on this journey with me! peace
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    1. On day 8 ... Also experiencing similar symptoms.the first days are not easy at all but once you've gotten a hang of it after a long streak it gets easier to resist urges However relapses are still very possible at any time . Just remind yourself why you decided to quit porn and if it would really do you any good to relapse and go back to your old ways
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    Hey bro amazing job you have made it this far keep it up.
    Unfortunately its dose not get easier. But you do get stronger
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    I got my dates slightly out by a day, im on day 13 now, going onto the 2 week mark today, i feel proud of what I have accomplished so far and its making me pursue other changes such as get back into my fitness, i do find it hard still, feels like a detox. Hopefully the symptoms will subside soon, still going, day 13 into 14 over and out
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