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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Hisself, Aug 2, 2017.

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    How do I get over the depression I have over this. I relapsed last month to hard pills for 2 weeks straight after 6 months clean and I'm now 9 months pmo free and am inching closer to pmo relapse. I just relapsed again to pills tonight, I can't escape the thought of being rejected over this. I'm attractive and talented and get interest from girls but I'm too afraid to take it further with them over my fears about size. It is only something I've become aware of during my reboot after hearing girls talk about wanting it to be big. I never watched porn with dicks in it so that is not where my complex is coming from. I cry all the time and even missed work over it a few weeks ago. I think I lost the girl I've been talking to over my fears and haven't gone to the gym in almost 2 months. I'm afraid of living the rest of my life like this and alone. It has literally ruined my life becoming aware that I was inadequate and below average. It haunts my mind and I haven't been happy since I've become aware of this. What do I do?
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    Hi Hisself

    Sorry that you have got yourself into a sad place over this. For understandable reasons, your thoughts about girls have centred on sex and your thoughts about sex have centred on your concerns about your size. My advice is to reverse both of those thought patterns if you can.

    So as far as girls are concerned, focus on finding someone compatible with the right personality who you can fall in love with. Look for a life companion, not a one-night stand. Build a strong relationship based on , mutual love and understanding. Focus on what is between the ears, not what's below the waist. If you find the right girl who loves you for who you are and is not hopelessly shallow, she won't be that concerned about how well you fill your speedos.

    And when it comes to sex. First of all 4.5 inches is not hopelessly small. It is easily enough to achieve penetration when you both want that. And sex can be so much more than PIV. You can bring so much more to the party including hands, lips, tongue, imagination and above all, a willingness to learn what she likes and a true loving focus on your girlfriend's pleasure. And if your girlfriend happens to like being ' really filled up' sometimes, then 'toys' can bring a fun dimension to your sex-life together. According to my sources, lesbians don't tend to sit around in the bedroom saying 'I wish one of us had a penis, then we could have sex.'

    So all is far from lost. Just stop looking down and get on with falling in love!

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    You should now my friend that women have sex with men for who they are not for the size of their penises.
    I recommend that you read the book entitled : "Penis Power" of Dr Dudley S.Danoff it will help you understand a lot of things.

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    Some people may not agree with i am going to say, but look into penis exercises and stretching. There are many testimonials of guys increasing their size through penis exercises. I myself i have gone from 4.2 girth to a permanent of 4.7 girth. Mainly using a bathmate pump. With the pump now, i can jump to 5.4 girth temporarily. Length can also be achieved through progressive stretching! If you want a good place to start, PM me, i wont post any websites here, but you must know that some website contain triggers, and Penis exercises themselves can lead to relapsing after touching yourself down there
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    If you can abstain for long intervals like that you're doing great so don't worry about that relapse. The truth is some women will reject you because of your size. some people are superficial and some just have preferences and you cant fault them. You can't let that hold you back because there are plenty of women who will value you for your good qualities and some women who would prefer your size. You beat PMO now you have to beat insecurity. At this point you're just rejecting yourself.
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    Like Nymeria said, you can grow your penis size but it can definitely increase the chances of relapse with NoFap. I was doing penile enlargement and went from 7.17" to 7.52" in length and 5.0625 to 5.1875" in girth in about 4 months but I kept relapsing. I've just decided to take time of PE and accomplish NoFap for 90 days at least before beginning PE again. I've known of guys who went from 4.5" to between 5.5" and 7" so you could give it a go at your own risk. I would say that the most important thing is becoming happy with yourself as you are though. I know it's difficult but self confidence is far more important than penis size.
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  9. Whirlygig

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    Was that kind of PE painful?
  10. djmotion

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    No not if it's done correctly, if you injure yourself then it may be painful.
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    Dick size isn't the problem. The problem is between your ears.
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    I agree with @Drew140
    It's all in your head, "most" woman don't care about that. It's how you make her feel.

    Personally, I have those same fears as you, sometimes and I'm something like 7 inches +.
    But I get reminded that all my fears are in vain when you actually go overboard with a girl...the only thing she will feel then is pain and that is not good.
    Women genitals are not a limitless well. Forget all about movies and all that nonsense.
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    These insecurities men have with size is the effect that porn has on us. Like you I'm over 7 inches and still feel small at times even though every girl I've been with has said it's either big or just right. There are size queens out there but they aren't really worth being in a relationship with anyway and if a girl doesn't like a guy cause of his dick size it just shows how shallow she is. Porn uses ways to make the guys look bigger as well, the average is a lot smaller than most guys think at something like 5.5 inches.
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    Yeah, man. Exactly that...Most will say:You are too big which honestly becomes like something negative rather than something to boast about.
    So I guess @Hisself you are normal and nothing you should worry about or ashamed.
    Believe me, most girls don't even check visually how big you are...when you are in the mood, there are hundred other things at play.
    Before you go doing some crazy exercises to increase size (which is absurd), try rather going Pitch black like Vin diesel and see what the results are like. ;)
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    I've never measured mine and I've had sex with women who used to model. No complaints ever.

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