27, Only found this and any advice would be great!

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    Hi guys, 27 year old male here, and only discovered about PIED now! Ive been watching porn from the age of about 15 up until now and always wondered why I had problems getting an erection. I had a girlfriend for 5 years in between that time and always had great sex but ever every now and then it wouldn't do its thing to the full 100% like It should. I was still watching porn while with her aswell. After we broke up I had chances with girls and failed miserably. The other week I had the most gorgeous girl in my bed and I just couldn't do anything at all like nothing was there downstairs at all. I feel so shit about myself and I never knew what was wrong with me. So ive done a lot of research and im now on day 3 of no PMO but what should I do from here? How long should I go for and should I not masterbate at all either? Some info with people that have been cured would be great as im feeling pretty down about the whole thing at the moment and I really don't know what to do. Thanks guys.
    And may I add the way im feeling at the moment I don't ever want to watch porn again and it makes me sick even thinking about it after what its done to me!!!!!!!!!
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    I am not one to prescribe such info right now but welcome!​

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