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    Checking in, busy weekend. Quiet on my frontline again for the last few days. Home for a while now, no travelling, so this makes it easier for me. Onwards!
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    welcome and all the goods for your journey.. Waiting to see you as a captain at least ☺
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    Just read this on Reddit NoFap, may be of use to done of you. Thanks to mrnatoo:

    The 90 day reset, why it works and how you used it to become addicted to PMO in the first place. (why you relapse answers)

    During an urge, the limbic system of the brain actually sends chemicals to cloud out the frontal cortex of the brain where rational thinking is done. If you get an urge, it’s almost impossible to use a new learnt skill.
    Your brain’s main job is to keep you alive. Not successful, or happy, or even healthy.
    How it does this is by constantly creating equilibrium or balance in our environments.

    An example of this is when someone smokes. Initially, the body resists the chemicals that come with tobacco.

    But because most people don’t listen to their bodies when they smoke, the brain eventually says:
    All right, it looks like we are going to have to deal with all of these chemicals, so let’s create equilibrium with them”.
    The brain deals with it, and learns to survive.

    When the person decides to quit, the brain says: Whoa! Wait a Minute, We Want Our Old Chemicals…
    The body and brain will then do everything in it can to restore that balance. Creating all kinds of emotions, anxiety, craving, depression, fear, you name it, the body and brain will throw it out there to get things back to normal.
    And if the person resists the emotions long enough to get through, the brain will eventually create a new equilibrium in line with the new environment.

    It’s this period that keeps most people from success. They attempt to change, and their brain resists it. When they run into the emotions of resistance, they go back to the old behaviour, even though they know it not what they want.

    The brain studies have shown that the brain releases all kinds of chemicals while someone is viewing pornography. Several endorphins are released, including adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine.
    This is similar to what happens when someone uses cocaine. Did you hear that? Chemically, it’s very similar to using cocaine!
    And many recovering drug addicts say it was easier to quit cocaine than to stop pornography addiction.

    Along with the endorphins, there are some chemicals released with the shame that accompanies the behaviour. These have a tranquillising and numbing effect. It’s a combination of adrenaline, the feel good endorphins, like dopamine, and finished with a tranquillising effect.

    See, change is dangerous to the brain. The brain fears the unknown. It would rather keep things the same than have to figure out how to survive in a new environment. The feeling of fear, when we try to change our behaviour, is very real, it is the same chemical experience as that of being chased by a lion.

    The only way people usually make it through the change, is if there is something very painful pushing them forward. The brain is wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. That’s why if there is a strong enough reason to change, people will.
    Sometimes it’s ED, PIED, or a separation, loss of a job, failed exam, failed dreams that are strong enough motivators

    Brain Studies show: If you introduce a new thought, with emotion every day for about 30 days, it creates a new neural pathway in the brain. If you continue to reinforce the new thought with emotion for about 90 days, it becomes the primary neural pathway.
    The other way to get through is to continue to reinforce the new belief system long enough for it to take hold in the brain.
    This is what the brain studies have shown: Whenever you think a thought with emotion, it releases chemicals into the body. If you introduce a new thought, with emotion every day for about 30 days, it creates a new neural pathway in the brain.
    It becomes a new habitual thought pattern in the brain. This is how you get through the urges. You continue to reinforce the new emotions until they take hold.
    And the studies also show that if you continue to reinforce the new thought with emotion for about 90 days, it becomes the primary neural pathway. Or on a cellular level, it becomes who you are.

    You can create lasting change in your life, but you have to know how to work with the machine that you have. You need to learn to understand how your brain works, and how to get what you want from it. It also means that if someone views pornography, they release powerful chemicals into the body. If they continue to do this over 30 days, it creates a new neural pathway for this habit and if they continue for 90 days, this habit becomes a primary neural pathway in their brain. They literally get wired to keep repeating this habit.


    Many people are aware of using the process of affirmations to create new beliefs, but what happens when we start putting new beliefs in the brain it releases different chemicals than we are used to. After a few days, the brain and body go on strike. They want their old chemicals.
    The brain will create all kinds of emotions of resistance and depression, and craving, and doubt. Very strong emotions designed to get us back to the old place that was safe for our brain.
    Most people find it easier to go back to the old belief system. This leaves them in a place of despair, you need to have automatic systems in place to help you through this period, things you can do whether you feel like it or not, because there will be times when you don’t feel like it but need to affirm your new goal.
    (excerpts from
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    Very informative thread :)
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    thank you, means a lot :) will keep checking in daily
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    check in, last night I had another Wet dream. This was a very weird one but I had a lot of urges before sleeping so I wasn't surprised. I was also thinking last night, I used to live with 4 other girls and 3 other guys at university and I realised that even though one of my flatmates is really attractive she was just filthy and in general us guys were way cleaner than the girls, who were lazy and did nothing. I have 4 sisters aswell and 2 brothers and my sisters are filthy compared to my brothers. Obvs this isn't all girls so girls who are clean reading this and are like wtf, don't be offended, i'm just saying from my experience. And like my mum is a very clean person, she likes everything spotless. But even like my ex was so dirty compared to me, so i did a google are girls dirtier than guys and found a forum of similar experiences I could relate to. It was a massive turn off and too real as i experienced a lot of them from girls myself so i'll post the link for anyone wanting to get turned off completely for a few days I didn't look at any of the pictures as i'd probably be horrified. I had urges and they were killed by the experiences, trust me. I'm not gay aswell i just like clean girls and from my experience living with them a lot are dirty. And please don't be offended as it's just from my experience and if you're on nofap you're bound to be clean anyway as you're trying to eradicate a problem which is dirty. For someone who just didn't care and felt like they wanted any girl, this definitely made me push up my standards.
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    I got that dream 4-5 days ago. With a girl I don't like and she described me as Cold. Basically she was all over me trying to seduce me and I was staying in a fucking stoic masculine frame like I am lifeless. I think your experience is sign of recovery. Cause I hate that bitch too.
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    I pushed her off me and she came back on me like a magnet was so weird then my subconscious self just gave up. I think your subconscious self is very strong that's why you have no wet dreams and see things clearly and have a strong mentalility, so you don't need to WD. It might even be your standards are very high.
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    I do really like this military-style type of challenge and initiative since it is a great motivator and incentive for becoming that better man (or woman) who can rise above the mediocrity and mediocre mass out there.
    Self-control/Self-restraint is one of the most crucial building block for becoming that extraordinary person who is reliable, well-mannered, educated, disciplined and strong-charactered to the extent that other people will lean on and turn to when making the transition from the fake, phony and blue-pilled (i.e. social engineered) world into the red-pilled grounded reality that a minority of us are living in today.
    Trying to become this strong person who has the self-control and integrity to walk against the current and have the red-pill mindset 24/7 is a journey that might contain feelings of loneliness, frustration and pity (for those who don't want to be awakened) but living a life completely according to the truth, nature and reality is so worth it in the long run and this path is ultimately what's going to set your body, mind and spirit free.

    I assume that it is too late for me to join this challenge now (since I have passed those 30 days a long time ago) but being at the level of "Transcendent" right now, I do cheer on all of you here who have partaken in it and try to become those better men and women!!!
    Keep up the good work and never surrender (because surrendering is the ultimate form of defeat you can partake in)!!
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    I think you are really unlucky .. In mine obv there was dirty ones but compared to the man there was no race.. So I think I won't open the link and keep living with my experience
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    On day 47 , the fight continues
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    another check in just to remember to all my comrades that we all in together and we'll get out of it together as well.. Alone we're human together we are winner
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    Day whatever the fuck checking in soldiers!
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