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Hey my brothers. I’m back again. I posted yesterday about how my mom only has a couple weeks to live. I gave in this morning and looked at porn and masterbated. I fought so hard but I gave in to wanting to feel okay for even just a moment. It is human to not want feel pain and it’s okay to feel that. Just don’t stop fighting. It’s a war. I feel well now. My mom and I had a wonderful day full of tears and laughter. Please keep us in your prayers the next couple weeks. God loves us so much, guys. He forgives infinitely and loves always. I’m tempted again tonight but I know that no matter what God is with you and me. Have a good night my dudes.

Esgetit, yeet, Gucci gang, and love to all you homies
WhataShame more_vert
dont touch an electronic, dont watch porn, when your mother passes, she will be watching along side god and all of your passed family, do you want them to see you at your lowest, stuck with this porn addiction and depressed, keep going for your mother, for your family, for god, and your friends, and for yourself. I wish you good luck, and godspeed. :D
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Road To Freedom Finally more_vert
Road To Freedom Finally
Be strong for your Mom and for yourself. It must be incredibly hard for you to keep fighting. I'll pray for both of you.
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Myfortress more_vert
Praying for you and your Mom.
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
Be released into focusing on your mom and your time with her right now. There is grace for everything else. God knows what is on your plate. It's not permission to go nuts with PMO -- we both know that won't really fix anything and the temporary relief it offers comes at such a high cost. I am estranged from my own mother, so as idiotic as it sounds, I am actually envious of this time you have with yours. God bless you as he continues his work of setting all things right.
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Walk_it_out more_vert
My mom passed a couple years ago now bro so I feel your pain. I was closer to her than anyone. It indeed is a difficult thing but it is something we will all encounter..I was in another state when she passed but I got to talk to her the night before..I see now what a tremendous gift the Lord gave me in our final conversation. I had no clue she was going to die hours later. So my brother, enjoy the gift that you have with her. What a blessing. Love her with all your heart and soul. Cherish these days as I'm sure you are. My heart is with you both