NoFap to be featured on Showtime’s “Dark Net” series

NoFap® will be featured on Showtime’s “Dark Net,” an eight-episode documentary series that aims to explore the “dark side of technology.” The series premieres on Thursday, January 21, 2015 at 11 PM (EST). The NoFap episode will be appearing in mid to late February.

NoFap was heavily involved in the pre-production and filming of the feature, but has little control over the post-production process that occurred after the filming. NoFap has recently been advised by producers of the show that the episode will feature pornographic material, so viewer discretion is advised.

Users of NoFap who are easily triggered are advised to not watch the episode until the NoFap team has a chance to determine the extent of pornographic material featured within the episode. We hope that Showtime will upload a version of our segment online that does not feature any pornography so that we can share it with NoFap’s community.

The “Dark Net” docuseries was created by Mati Kochavi of Vocativ, a media company that focuses on generating deep-web related content through the use of data mining. Danna Rabin, COO of Vocativ, is the executive producer, alongside of Vivian Schiller of Vocativ, and David Shadrack Smith of Part 2 Pictures.

The main crew and producers of the NoFap episode include Jenny Kubo, Rebecca Cameron, Lindsay Washick, Clair Popkin, Peter Richardson, Ryan Carli, Justin Duffy, Jen Baker, and Mark Gazica.

The episodes features a number of NoFap’s users, including Matthew Plummer of Team NoFap, along with NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes.

NoFap is excited that mainstream media has started to broadcast information about the quiet epidemic of pornography addiction sweeping the world, and looks forward to continued coverage on the issue. Television networks and production companies are always welcome to contact us for potential collaborations.


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    Who was the episode focused on?

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