Announcing NoFap Panic Button Browser Plugins

NoFap is happy to announce that we have released anti-relapse browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Following the release of our Panic Button “Emergency” web app (coded by NoFap developer Jack Fischer), Mark Ropper, a talented developer, decided that he wanted to volunteer for NoFap to port this tool to work for various browsers.

Our Emergency Panic Button app currently serves over 50k unique monthly visitors and supports approximately 8.3 million requests per year. We hope that this release will help our users reach their goals and further spread our mission to help as many people around the world as possible reach their goals.

Download the NoFap Emergency Browser Plugin

Report a Bug or Share Your Thoughts

If you stumble across a bug or have any recommendations about how to improve the browser addons, please post in the NoFap forum section or comment here.


  1. tuz says:

    safari? edge?

  2. Robust says:

    You said edge. Giggety.

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