Casting notice for Pennsylvania and New York users!

NoFap™ is currently working with a major broadcast network on an hour-long program for an existing series that covers a variety of topics. The goal is to create a powerful hour that allows individuals to tell their own story in their own words. This documentary-style episode will explore modern day pioneers who are interested in “seizing control of their sexuality and rewiring their brain on porn.” These renegades live by their own code and reject certain aspects of the digital age. Are you one of these Rebooters? Do you want to abstain from masturbating to porn and live by your own rules? Do you want to recover from porn addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, and porn-induced erectile dysfunction? Do you want increased energy, improve your relationships, and live life more fully? Then we want you!

We, along with a partner production company, are seeking porn addicts / Rebooters from within driving distance of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or around New York City to appear on a national television show (more details will be revealed to applicants). Our hope is to chronicle the experience of one person currently going through porn recovery and capture a group gathering where Rebooters can share common ground. You’ll sit down and discuss porn addiction, pornography, and related issues in a round-table discussion around a campfire with Alexander Rhodes and the program’s host. Requires an overnight stay – lodging and food will be provided. Filming would be in mid-November. Possible dates could be November 18, 19 and / or the 20th. 

You can remain anonymous through blurring / fancy camera work, but we would prefer if you can appear on-camera.

The production company understands that this is a sensitive topic and would be mindful of all concerns and talk through potential filming to ensure everyone is comfortable. They have profiled sensitive topics in the past and are open to refraining from using last names and locations to address privacy concerns. They are a passionate group of people who feel strongly about the stories they help tell. The crew is small, respectful, sensitive and compassionate. They will use a small camera and minimal equipment so the experience will feel as natural and documentary-style as possible.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested and share the following information:

  • Your location (city and state – this opportunity is for US-based people only)
  • Your age
  • How long you’ve been addicted to porn?
  • How long you’ve been trying to quit porn, if at all?
  • How successful you have been in quitting porn (including your current porn-free streak)? Are you currently rebooting?
  • Which challenges have you experienced in your journey to quit?
  • Why did you decide that you want to quit porn?
  • Are are willing to appear on camera or do you have to be blurred?
  • Please include a recent picture, phone number and best email to reach you. All inquiries will be kept confidential. If selected, we’ll be in touch shortly to explain the show to you and answer any questions that you may have.

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