I just noticed something uniquely awesome about NoFap

I have noticed there are both a lot of Christians and Atheists here, which is pretty normal in life. However, the dynamic is incredible; Christians post verses from the bible, and no one tells them how stupid they are. Atheists talk about not believing in a God while no one tells them they are going to hell or they need to repent. There is some type of mutual understanding. I feel like this is a type of real humanity, people respecting people. And what is the commonality? An abstaining from fapping–no porn. Is the mutual respect regarding notorious religious (or non-religious) disposition due to the third party unifier (no-fap)? Could be, but to me it doesn’t seem that simple. I don’t know if anyone else sees the connection, but I am noticing a deeper respect for all people in general the further I get as a Faptronaut. Porn ruins people I think. It degrades the very construct of what we call civil. This is on top of bio-chemical adjustments, strict obedience to scripture, or other changes in perspective frequently talked about here. I want to say keep at it, for science, for faith, for humanity, for respect, for dignity, for yourself and for others.

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  1. izzy says:

    Well said. I guess realizing what we have a common enemy in our lives, that we’re all striving for a better life… Things like what we believe become irrelevant. This community is profound in its culture of encouragement and I hope this culture will begin to spread

  2. unchained says:

    I’ve read a study somewhere telling that high levels of testosterone made subjects more sociable.
    Keep it up guys, our testosterone levels are skyrocketing!

  3. illumino says:

    I think a bible Matthew 3:25 illustrates this perfectly and it’s really a universal truth whether you’re theist or atheist.

    “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand”

  4. Mordobarn says:

    I live in a country where religion is live-and-let-live. No one here (apart from a few bigots) cares what religion you are or aren’t. We find the religious obsession in certain other countries (e.g. the USA and parts of the Middle East) bizarre and uncomfortable.

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