I am INSANELY PROUD of my husband!

… and all of you for doing this!!

Its been an amazing journey (almost 50 days!) filled with revelations, brutal honesty, tears, pain, joy and relief. We’re stronger than we ever were, now that there are only two of us in our bed!

I just wanted to say, ROCK ON Fapstronauts! You are a cut above the crowd. You’re on another level of manhood! You’re the future of masculinity and I really hope that the philosophy of NoFap spreads to all corners of the world so relationships can be healed, men can be men again and women can bask in the attention, love and unpolluted sexual desire of their husbands/boyfriends.

(oops! Dont want to forget the femstronauts! Rock on girls!!)

-NoFap user kellzbellz555

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