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NoFap Premium, for only $10 per month, offers weekly accountability groups for rebooters to motivate each other and connect with the official team. Additionally, if you are triggered or feeling urges, Premium unlocks our live chat room for instant 24/7 support from your fellow dedicated Fapstronauts.

This is a limited time offer. At the end of January, prices for accountability groups will go up to $30 per month. Lock in your grandfathered price now!

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Connect with fellow dedicated Fapstronauts and NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes on your personal journey to live a better life. Includes access to our weekly groups and live chat.

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Not only will you be supporting the website that is changing your life, you'll be gaining a valuable ally in your fight against porn addiction.

  • Join the Official Accountability Group

    Connect with other dedicated Fapstronauts in our weekly accountability groups, hosted by NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes. If you want direct access to the NoFap team to ask questions, this is the place to do it.

  • Unlock Access to Live Chat

    Stumble across a trigger or feeling urges to relapse back into old habits? Get instant support from your peers using NoFap’s live chat feature, exclusively available to NoFap Premium members.

  • Support NoFap and Get Distinguishing Flair

    Not only are you helping yourself, you are enabling NoFap to help thousands of people around the world improve their lives. We’re thankful for that, so you’ll have the option of displaying a special flair underneath your username while posting on NoFap.

  • Ad-Free Access and Other Features

    Don’t like ads but still want to help carry your financial weight? NoFap Premium will disable all advertising while using the site. Additionally, signing up will unlock other forum features – and we’re consistently expanding our list of perks!

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Why Premium?


Members who want to instant 24/7 peer-to-peer support and face-to-face interaction with rebooting expert Alexander Rhodes can access NoFap Premium for an affordable monthly fee.

For a low monthly subscription fee, Premium members gain access to our live chat room which will connect you with fellow Fapstronanuts.

Premium members also gain access to NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes’s personal accountability group. This group meets once per week online to discuss adversities, accomplishments, and anything related to the reboot process. Members of this group benefit from:

  • A NoFap approach to premium accountability groups. NoFap’s secular, science-based approach to rebooting means rebooters from any faith background--or no faith background--are welcome.
  • Face time with NoFap’s founder. A rebooter and ex-porn addict himself, Alex will lead the group with compassion and first-hand expertise of the reboot process.
  • An affordable expert experience. NoFap Premium is an affordable way to get direct access to a rebooting expert.
  • A consistent and stable support group. Join a group as dedicated to rebooting as you are! Membership in the accountability group fosters a dedicated level of commitment among Alex and the group members.
  • A budget-friendly premium support group. NoFap Premium is considerably more budget-friendly than similar group solutions offered elsewhere.

NoFap Premium members also get access to an expanding list of premium features including ad-free access to the site, a distinguished username color and flair in the forums to show off their support for NoFap!

  • Q.Am I locked into a subscription?

    A.Nope, NoFap Premium is a month-to-month service. You can cancel at any time easily. There are no hoops to jump through, NoFap Premium can be automatically removed by hitting the cancellation button from your user profile settings.

  • Q.How else can I support NoFap?

    A.There are many expenses associated with running the largest porn-recovery community on the Internet. Contributions are accepted on our Donate page. They may be made via a one-time online payment, a recurring subscription, or even discretely via cash/check/money order to our PO box.

  • Q.How do the accountability group calls work?

    A.Every week a link is emailed out to every NoFap Premium user with directions on how to connect to the accountability calls. The calls occur online so you don’t have to worry about which country you live in. We’re still setting up exactly what times these groups will be hosted, but they’ll take place at a variety of times to accommodate Fapstronauts from all over the world. During the calls you can choose whether to participate or simply listen in.

  • Q.I'm scared of my identity being revealed.

    A.We take your privacy very seriously and never share your personal details for any reason. For added security, we suggest that you use a nickname during the accountability group sessions and don’t reveal identifiable information about your life.

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