Your thoughts on web protection software?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, May 10, 2017.

  1. So I've been using web protection software for a few weeks now and it seems to work but I have slipped up finding loopholes which I then close.

    But what do you guys thing? is web protection a good factor in NoFap?
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    I think it's dependent on a lot of factors.

    I've met people who have had such a problem that they pour hundreds (or more) of dollars into camgirls every month, and can't stop. Blockers may cut down on this.

    I've heard of people who swear by K9, and either throw the password away or make it as complicated as getting nuclear launch codes.

    I use OpenDNS, and I have the password. I accept that if I bypass it, I am still responsible.

    If I had someone I really trust, probably after I get past my 90 days, I'd get accountability software. You can go anywhere, your AP just gets notice. It's more likely to hit on keywords too, in case you try to cheat with things like google images and the like.

    Use it if you need it, but remember that it is an assistive tool, not a responsibility replacment.
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  3. Guy Heller

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    In addition to what sparkywantsnoPMO said, I would advise to download Mobicip on your phone,
    it's a safe browser and it does a good job on blocking bad content (it blocks the acces to other unsafe browser and to specipic apps if you wish). I've been using it for nearly a year.

    Just type a long password you will forget and hide it somewhere hard to reach or give to someone you trust.
  4. Awesome! thanks, dude! :D
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  5. I strongly disagree with getting a software to protect your PC or smartphone or tablet to watch porn. You can always decide to remove the software. Only strong will does matter with sex and porn addictions. With time it gets easier. Fewer and fewer perveted thoughts. You come back to yourself. Your true self who has been hidden for a lot of time and you almost forgot who you are. Then you remember in recovery that there is good in you
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    Yes and no.
    I used it but I can get around it on my phone.
    Not on my PC.
    I also can't now get onto the worst site I used to go on to.
    HOWEVER, the same week I blocked, I had guys try to sext with me and send me nudes of them so I still
    got triggered - didn't relapse but my point is while I think it will definitely help and I recommend you do it, it's only part of the solution.
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  7. I have always been disgusted by sexting. I never wanted to receive pics from guys I dated of their genitalia lol or chest. Nor sending my pics. There's sex for discovery of another's body
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    I haven't really found something that truly works. K9 and Block site are useful, but when it comes to the first real hurdles, they can't do much. It's all about building up the resolve to fight yourself.
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    My personal opinion is that you should use them in the first month or so and afterwards remove them.Because if you are always in the need of protection software in order not to search any p then something is not right here.It is like getting a drivers licence and then expecting your teacher to give you directions on what to do.

    You must learn to control yourself.Don't get me wrong i do think these programs help you make your way in the beginning and after that you must be able to resist the temptation yourself.

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