Would you prefer a male or female psychologist?

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  1. Do you go or have you been to a psychologist, therapist? I'm thinking about seeing one. I've been to three women in the past and one man. I just felt more secure and comfortable talking to women. I'm 26 now and i would like to talk about sex, real relationship problems and work related stuff. Do you think that the gender affects anything? Specially when talking about sex. Stuff that man go through and to know more about the point of view of women. Share your experiences, if you have one. :)
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    I have seem several psychologists throughout my life. Most of them have been very helpful for my mental health and outlook in life. I've seen both male and female psychologists and I don't have a preference for either. My current psychologist is female. She's very nice. But in regards to your question, I think if you want to discuss sexuality then this could affect who you look for. But then again if it's relationship and sex in general, either could do. If you wanted a "male perspective" then see a male psychologist. At the end of the day, however, psychologists are professionals and should be comfortable talking about several subjects (unless outside of their particular expertise). I'd worry about you being comfortable with them and making sure they have the expertise you need. For instance, some psychologists might not be too verse on some subjects or types of therapy. But no, the gender of the psychologist should not have a major impact on you discussing sex, sexuality and relationships with them.

    Hope this helps, even if my answer is "well...it depends" haha.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks man, i would like to see a professional that can talk about a lot of subjects, especially that has some understanding in the area of adhd. But i would like to discuss too stuff that goes through the minds of women, so i could understand them more. Maybe a female could be better to understand the female perspective of things, but a guy too could be cool because he could have a lot of experiences with woman. I don't know. But i guess i wont care to much about gender anyway. Thanks.
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