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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Recoveryattempt, Mar 14, 2019.

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    i have been watching porn for a good 3-4 years daily 2-3 times a day until about a year ago when i found nofap. My penis has lost sensitivity and has a bad curve but im pretty sure thats another issue.

    Anyways, I have used porn heavily and ive had many unsuccessful streaks, my longest streak was about 1.5 months with a few improvements. But now i realized how messed up my brain is because now if i dont fap for one day i get full on urges withdrawl symptoms and headaches. I dont want to take meds for the headaches because it just hurts my stomach since theres really nothing wrong with me. I havent gone long enough to see if it goes away with time but im hoping it would be gone by tomorrow.

    Im just surprised on how fast the withdrawl symptoms kicked in and the urges faded away after early morning but im worried im going to relapse again sooner or later.
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    Yes, withdrawals can get pretty bad. I think many people don't realize they relapse because they handle the withdrawals.

    The good thing is that you watched it only for 3-4 years ( i had watched it for 20). The bad news is that if you really masturbated 2-3 every day, your body is used to a completely different state (masturbation is a very potent stress/pain relief - not that it's a good idea to use it that way). So basically you can expect withdrawals. Work out, eat well, sleep well, but know that next few weeks are going to suck.
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    Have a positive mindset, to plan for failure, to just give in just so easily, fight to your last breath. words like" I am worried am going to masturbate again" show that your motivation to quit is still low and you have not found out and accepted that masturbation is a real problem in your life
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