Why We Feel Unconfident in Public?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hopefulistic, Jul 13, 2019 at 4:12 AM.

  1. Hopefulistic

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    Because we do things in our homes and not do them in public. One of these things is fapping.

    If you have nothing to hide at your home, you'll feel confident in public.
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  2. properWood

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    Are you suggesting we fap in public? :emoji_disappointed_relieved:

    Just kidding.
  3. The Unfadeable

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    I got nothing to hide from any of you people. (pull's penis out in the middle of Barnes and Noble)
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  4. greenishmoon

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    God it was so simple!
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  5. SuperPowers

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    It's because you're watching porn that you yourself find unacceptable, ie, its a problem of caring too much what people think, you're self conscious. If you found porn that you found acceptable it would not be a problem.

    NoFap "can" definitely help, but it can also cause a lot of shame because you will reset or relapse over and over, thats why you should read my thread in the porn addiction forum. (thread got moved)

    The bigger issue is not being in control of yourself/life in general, and porn being the biggest issue by far.
  6. deleter99

    deleter99 Fapstronaut

    Well i felt like that when i was 16-17, i just played games at my home, fapped, was on phone all day and didn't go out. And whenever my friends or my brother called me to get out i did and i was looking at them and saw how they all chilling and i was like in tense all the time. And when i have a opportunity so say something it always went bad and i felt worse and worse. Then a miracle happend, i joined the gym, made some habits like everyday before bed i do abs, reading on internet about medicine (you can choose what you like), played less games on computer. And it went good but not too god. After that i did cold showers, throw away sugar and drinks (drinked only teas and water), started gaining good muscle, started mewing (getting jawline, better stronger face). Then i was very comfortable with myself and talked easier to other people, started approaching girls when i was going out. Still there was something left to do and then i did Nofap with about 19 years old. My muscles are going crazy, i look good and strong, started reading books before bed and man i can tell you if you follow these steps when you go out in public you will be confident AF. Try it, it takes time but its the right way. Dont have fear about girls they want you badly when u fix some issues on you. Hope it helps !
  7. greenishmoon

    greenishmoon Fapstronaut

    That's a good ending. What's mewing, dude?
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  8. deleter99

    deleter99 Fapstronaut

    Proper tongue posture, it helps you to lose chubby face, getting u that strong jawline and also cheekbones. Search it up its very strong, im doing it for about 4 months everyday 5-6 hours while im doing something and got some results!
  9. greenishmoon

    greenishmoon Fapstronaut

    Oh, I will, it really annoys me when trying to sleep sometimes. Thank you.
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