Why is masturbation said to be healthy?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Dailydoer, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Fapping gets rid of elements that are made up of vitamins and minerals . Everything in the body is made of something.

    Our bodies can’t stop producing sperm and semen and let us fap all day. Fapping in any amount is releasing vitamins and minerals.

    Maybe, if one took too much of a vitamin and it being fat soluble if overdosed by a little it could cause a headache, the same vitamin in sperm and semen maybe vitamin D and zinc for example, and if fapped it would release the sperm and semen containing those vitamins.

    They would feel ease and relief from the headache because the body goes to work redirecting the excess vitamins to the genitals to produce more sperm and semen.

    So with that being said, (P) Videos are a real problem, but when everyone considers that fapping releases elements that are made of vitamins it seems as if one bought vitamins and threw them in the toilet, when fapping in excess. If the body has a surplus of vitamins and minerals that are used to make those reproductive elements then by all mean one can fap but the other side of it is, it has made shown in studies that eating / digestion is a combustion type of process like a car engine.

    The day a car engine is put together it has a limited life span. Same with the body. Question is how many faps can someone afford, it could be causing the body to deteriorate prematurely. Like a car that is floored at every green light, is that car going to last as long as a car that is moderately driven. Think about it .

    So I guess if people thought of it in that way it might help.

    Just trying to piece all the puzzle pieces together . Hope this was helpful.
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    There is nothing wrong with it, masturbation and pornography addiction have become the same thing here in NoFap, they are not the same. If you masturbate once in a while nothing wrong will happen to you, if you do it in using pornography, then the real damaging thing is the pornography, because it will make you want to masturbate several times in short periods of time, which is bad.

    I can already see the people telling me my counter is fake and that sort of things.
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    Saying that masturbating is healthy is biologically true. Animals do it, we've always done it. Nobody ever complained.
    However Porn is completely fucking destructive, and if your relationship with your sexuality has been altered and damaged by it, then it usually gets to a point where masturbating by itself becomes a complex instance and should be avoided for some time.
    I don't ever drink a drop of alcohol but I recognize that wine, GOOD wine (which is now impossible to find anywhere but in an independent farm owned by someone you trust, anything you buy on a shelf is NOT wine nowadays), is a delicacy for those who enjoy it and It can be seen as food and even a regar part of a meal. But people often happen to drink too much, and they'll get sick off it for quite some time, in fact some might not be able to enjoyt it anymore for the rest of their lives.
    Populations who were born around coca plants always consumed the leaves in various forms through the day, they're part of their diet, and no one's was a coke fiend there, right? Porn is no less than crack cocaine then.
    If one's not aware of his sexual being and identity (well no one knows, I guess, but at least if you know the direction it's going to), which literally translates into NOT KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, it's easy to fall for porn addiction and it can get very hard to separate and know the difference between the two things, the two very ideas of masturbating and watching porn, which are the polar opposite of each other, which then leads to shaming and being afraid of masturbation, which is an extremely dangerousand harmful concept and it can lead to the darkest depths of porn addiction.
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    Masturbation was not the same 50 years ago.

    Our parents used to masturbate and not have problems for this.

    But us, wich were raised with high internet speed, well... i dont need to explain it right?
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    I know I know cause they say a little alcohol is healthy too. But addictions are not little. Here many do nofap cause they know a better life waits for them.
  7. I just thought of something. Perhaps older guys who are impotent due to bad health are more likely to get prostate cancer.

    It's not the ejaculation frequency, it's the unhealthy lifestyle. Healthier guys are less likely to be impotent due to clogged arteries and so on (leave aside PIED for a moment). Unhealthy guys are more likely to get prostate cancer but it's not directly related to ejaculation frequency.

    Just a theory anyway.
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    Something "Healthy" shouldn't be consuming my life and stressing me out when I try to stop. It's an addiction and it tricks ours brains into thinking we need this.
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    Masturbation per se is not evil. Yes, if you masturbate 'too much' you'll end drained and you'll be alone and could develop social problems, but masturbation is a natural thing. Moderation is key.
    What a lot of people -even on this site- don't understand, is that Masturbation and Porn usage are not the same. You can masturbate without porn.
    The real problem is porn, which has been proven to be dangerous for both mental & physical health.
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    Usually it doesn't. Porn made you fall into it.
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    Because masterbation is healthy, you really think a natural bodily function thats responsible for are biological reproduction will be linked to any negative effects on the brain? It doesnt make any sense from an evolutionary stand point. Everything in moderation however. Whats not healthy is masterbating to hardcore porn 4+ times a day.

    A healthy masterbation habit is great for reducing stress and helping prevent prostate cancer
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    As soon as I seen your thread title I immediately went to fap. I thought of my response in my head and then went to fap. In the end I did fap, and I O'ed destroying my 8 day streak.

    I think the thread is triggering, (I know you had good intentions) because it gets you thinking why its healthy, which its not, it just hasn't been studied on how it affects the energy system and the benefits of semen retention. If I didn't O I would have felt better but decided to finish it off and now I regret it.

    In the end M is not going to cause harm, but Porn is scientifically proven to have a detrimental affect on the brain and we all have a problem with porn, without porn we likely wouldn't have an M addiction, meaning you intend to stop but you can't, you always go back to it, even if its 1-2 times a week.

    Bud, you should consider deleting the thread, I'm thinking you would have got what you wanted and we need to be talking about how porn and M has a detrimental affect on our lives. True, cut the porn but you cant. You'll start jerking it to imagination and then you'll transfer it over to porn, its a certainty, if you're like me, so M has to stop completely and after that your better doing semen retention but M without porn isnt going to cause harm or stuff your life up.
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    I hate the BS science on masturbation.

    Yes, in and of itself, it's relatively harmless. But obviously if you're doing it compulsively (which is hard not to do, because it feels freaking amazing), it's horrible for you.

    "It's healthy to clean out the pipes." Nonsense. That's what wet dreams are for. I don't need to masturbate for that. Same thing with prostate cancer. "Masturbation prevents cancer". GTFO. Trust me, my body will use its built-in mechanisms to rid itself of old semen before it will develop cancer from it.

    Not to mention, masturbation is essentially a beta activity. I hate even using that language, but it's true. Whenever you've seen someone fapping in a scene from a TV show or a movie, how are they depicted? They're always a sad, pathetic character.

    Case in point:

    Do you think James Bond or Jason Bourne will ever be shown fapping? Hell no, because they're badasses and they don't need that.

    I don't say this to shame anyone. But next time you're tempted to fap, imagine yourself as a fly on the wall, watching yourself fapping. Pathetic, right? Does that look like someone who's crushing it in life? Hell no.

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