Why do Women Wear Skimpy Clothes?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by firdi, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. firdi

    firdi Guest

    How is it related? My biggest triggers are the countless women walking around looking like hookers.

    Why do they dress up like they do? It's not like Prince Charming is going to be impressed by cleavage.
  2. M L

    M L Guest

    Women have been socially conditioned that unless they are sexually attractive they have no value. So most put their attributes on show so they receive male attention, which affirms their value. Not all women dress like this though.
    I'm sorry it's such a trigger for you - try and look them in the eye next time - you will see a person just like you.. Full of insecurity and looking for acceptance.
  3. DireWolf

    DireWolf Fapstronaut

    by the same reason 28 to 35 year old men wear khakis, its the path of life that is supposedly "free" but its not, it has been narrowed down to very minimal choices and instructions on how to be, how to dress, what to eat, etc., women will be judged badly in almost any scenario, none of this will change if we as a society change for the better, and i believe we are making a good thing fighting PMO and getting better as this will impact reality as a whole in the long run.
  4. depo27

    depo27 Fapstronaut

    Women are just women. Don't try to understand them, they don't even understand themselves. Maybe they think they will find the right one dressing like whoars. And I know it's difficult to take them seriously when they go out dressing that way, but it's women, God only knows how their brain works.
  5. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Fapstronaut

    I'm tired of feeling guilty for checking them out when they're the ones trying to upstage eachother. Why don't women ever have to feel guilty about anything they do?
  6. beck

    beck Fapstronaut

    Women dressed like whores are useless to me. Nice to look at, but nothing more.

    The first thing that attracts me to a girl is her intelligence. Yes, nothing more boring than having a talk with a girl that isn't challenging anything in my mind.
    Also, sense of humor is important for a girl.
    The body look comes afterwards. I mean, it is important that she's pretty, but generally speaking i think they become more pretty as soon as i have spoken a bit with them and they're interesting.

    What can you expect from a whore dressed girl that in a way tries to 'sell' her body to your eyes ? She does it with anyone willing to look, so she probably lacks self-esteem and confidence.
  7. sstof

    sstof Fapstronaut

    There is a very complicated answer to that question that changes depending on the women. We can't change them. We can only change ourselves. Many of the are a product of our culture just as we are. We can only hope to change our culture by our own actions. Great people inspire by example.
  8. Progressive Death Mettle

    Progressive Death Mettle Fapstronaut

    So much virgin rhetoric in this thread...

    "Woe is me! Women are ALL conspiring together to make me bust a nut. I hate them. Damn them to hell!" Women dress sexily for the same reason men go to the gym, to get noticed and potentially get laid. Stop judging them because you're too insecure to step up and approach them like a real man.
  9. Monster Carrot

    Monster Carrot Fapstronaut

    Those women are a product, and there is enough demand from consumers (like the guy above) to keep them doing it. They don't feel ashamed because, even though they may be doing something shameful, a majority of people reward the behavior by responding like animals, which is what a lot of them want I'm guessing. The ones aziz was referring to, the ones who aren't necessarily doing it for sexual reasons but because society has taught them to, don't really understand what it does to guys perhaps.

    There are things in everyone's life that become a regular temptation, and our job is to resist whatever that thing is.
  10. Rectify

    Rectify Fapstronaut

    Harsh, over the top, partially innaccurate, but somewhat true. Wouldn't expect anything less from a fellow metalhead!

    If you're not content being single, or happy with your partner and unwilling to make it work, then find the courage to pursue what you want, and the determination to follow through until you achieve it, it as in the relationship with the female you are so highly attracted to.
  11. danyil77

    danyil77 Fapstronaut

    I am going to chip in and say that a women should be pretty and not sexy. What do I mean by this? They should be respectful of themselves and see themselves as people to be respected. They should dress appropriately and not attach unwanted attention. When they dress all sexy, it commoditizes them and there are people who would treat them as objects and that is very dangerous. This is what gets men in trouble, especially when it comes to our gender MO'ing. I personally would like to see pretty ladies. Sexy women just become all alike and cookie-cutter! Eventually, they become boring to look at. In the end, perhaps if men change the way that they perceive women, then this trend of women dressing sexy might go away. We cannot treat women like commodities and they have to be respected as the wonderful human beings that they are!
  12. Rectify

    Rectify Fapstronaut

    Don't mean to post so much in this thread, one was enough honestly, but man that is a fantastic post! ;)
  13. BahaiGuy

    BahaiGuy Fapstronaut

    As has already been said: look 'em in the eye. Stop gawking a their breasts. Can't do it? It's okay, you can learn. Most boys learn this trick during puberty, but some have to wait until they're men to figure it out. It's really all about self control. As a human, you have self control. Perhaps it's underdeveloped. That's okay. You can train it. I mean, you are on NoFap. That takes a great deal of self control. So the two should reinforce one another. As you're developing the self control to not gawk, that will help you have the self control to not M, and vice versa.

    Just remember: they're people. Not sex objects. They're your equals, and some are your betters. Same as men. And just like men shouldn't have to constantly think about what effect their clothing will have on women, neither should women have to think about the effect their clothing will have on men. Your penis does not dictate the fashions or actions of others.
  14. NotAfraid

    NotAfraid Fapstronaut

    The easiest way to figure out this is to ask it from a woman.

    I walked down the street and asked a girl, that "why do women dress like whores?"

    Guess what the answer was? If your answer was "a bitch slap", then you're correct.

    So here you have it:
    why do people dress like whores? Because bitch slap, that's why.

    Makes no sense, right? But what if we think about the message of the bitch slap?
    It's insecurity.

    They are insecure, that they are not wanted for who they are, but for what they look like. When looking around, I notice that it's easier for women to dress like whores, than to be more respectful for themselves. Many fat chicks wear slutty clothes and they are always bashing the skinny ones, which is fucking ridiculous and insecure. It's the classy girls, who are really fine with who they are, that wear those unrevealing clothes. Once I thought, that it took a lot of courage to reveal your skin, but for girls it seems to go upside down.

    But I hate most women anyway, so...
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  15. TotalLifeChange

    TotalLifeChange Fapstronaut

    Women have a natural biological tendency to show off because being sexually desirable is a huge attraction trigger for them. It's their way of telling the world: "look at me! I'm hot! I have so much value to society!" :)Reference and studies here.

    That in my opinion is not something to be debated or controlled. It's the way it is and that's it. It's like men's tendency to like those women. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to force me not to like her, and instead like her?

    But then, there's the social aspect.

    The social aspect is there is a clear push from minds of power to make society sluttier. Why? Because by engaging the lower instincts instead of the superior rational thought processes you create a zombie population, addicted to the new rush like, also, we are well aware here. And that's just my personal conclusion from other facts I'm not even willing to mention on how society f*ing works that makes me sick.

    Guys don't need any push. Guys take any opportunity as we are well aware of here on this forum (even with computer screens.) It's just the girls that need the social pressure to let out that slutty part, and the rest is history.

    The mainstream is obviously pushing more and more sex.

    My favorite example of this push, because of its dead-simple you-have-to-be-blind-not-to-see-it strategy, is Miley.

    A perfectly beautiful funny girl for all your kids to fall in love with. But then kids, accompany her in her new journey as you two grow up! You're like her! Dress like her!

    It's amazing.


    Trust me I've spent a few minutes searching for a "now" pic without triggers.

    There are many many more examples obviously.

    This is not a facts discussion. This is a moral discussion because the facts are so obvious it's ridiculous.
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  16. firdi

    firdi Guest

    The last post about Miley led me to research a bit about her. I thought even with her devil's horn hairstyle, I will not be deterred from my commitment to clean thoughts. But guess what, I got aroused. And the entire night, I had sex dreams and erections. Thankfully I am writing this today morning unharmed.

    TotalLifeChange, after some analysis I agree with you on many points. There is tremendous symbolism involved in Miley's performances and it's not just about her slutty clothes. And clothes, or lack of them, are symbols.

    Modern society looks down upon opposition to such blatant displays of lust. Youngsters are indeed much more impressionable than a newbie fapstronout who's 31. Combine this with the human tendency to only really change after experiencing a life-altering shock and it means we are putty in the hands of those who wish to redefine morality. That does not absolve us of individual blame because men should take responsibility. But the women, it seems, are not expected to take any.

    I also agree with most of those who replied to the question. Each person brought a unique and important perspective to the table. Thanks to all that replied and let's hear some more opinions.
  17. Steel Fury

    Steel Fury Fapstronaut

    The real question here is "why does it matter?" Seriously, women can wear whatever they like. For all those people who think it's "shameful" or a trigger, just learn to look the other way. The simple fact is, you'll need to learn that eventually anyway. If someone outside is dressed in such a way that causes you discomfort, avert your eyes and concentrate on where you are going and what you are doing.

    This comment kind of makes my point for me:

    Seriously, if you find this to be a trigger or disturbing in some other way, why are you going looking for more of it? Get some discipline and don't click.
  18. firdi

    firdi Guest

    SteelFury I agree with you on averting the gaze. This is one of the reasons I survived the last 14 days and am approaching the longest clean streak I remember. The other major reason for the streak is joining Nofap and trying to make sense of my addiction on a deeper level. I took a look at Miley and I don't regret it. Sometimes you have to confront your daemons without being controlled by them.

    The first music video I remember is "Like a Virgin". My four year old mind had no understanding of the 'feeling' Madonna was referring to but she was attractive even then. Fast forward 27 years, and I am still addicted to women on screen and what was porn back then is now seen in mainstream live performances. It was an epiphany to realize that this affects the minds of little girls in different ways than little boys.

    I ask these questions now because I have realized that I have to face the Creator after a little time that will pass in the blink of an eye. It does help to be in the know when selecting a virtuous future wife and passing on the light to my progeny so that they could be saved from going the route that I went.

    It is a simple question - Why do women wear skimpy clothes?
  19. BahaiGuy

    BahaiGuy Fapstronaut

    And it's been answered several times.
  20. firdi

    firdi Guest

    Stop looking doesn't count as an answer.

    Neither does this:
    Question - Why do women wear skimpy clothes?
    Answer - Look in their eyes!

    Something's fishy.

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