Who's your role model?

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    Hey guys,

    Question's above, and please keep in mind that your role model need not be some celebrity. A family member, a friend, anyone that you look up to. Heck, maybe even another NoFap user, why not? :)

    But along with your response, I'd like to hear what is it about that person that you admire. What character traits of theirs would you like to have? What makes you want to follow in their footsteps?

    Of course, you may not have any role model, and that's great, or you're your own role model, that's great, too.

    All the best in your personal journeys!

    - Moon
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  3. udit376

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    I don't have any role model in specific
    It's kind of mix of many people I know....
    I get inspired by their good qualities....
    It's a combination of celebrities and people around my surroundings
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  5. udit376

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    Like confidence......their ability to handle stage
    Their sense of sympathy towards other
    The one who respect elders and women
    Hard working...... addicted to their job/business
    Physical attributes like slick hair, deep voice , and lean body.....also motivates me to work on myself
    And one who follow chastity..... inspires me a lot..... specially since I have started this nofap journey
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  6. Im gonna be tacky here and say my Dad. He's a really cool guy. Everyone looks up to him (even his older siblings), he's really fun to be around, he almost always has a good attitude, and he never hesitates in helping others. He's a way better man that me and im not just selling myself short, its big shoes to fill lol. I consider myself lucky to have him.
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  7. Castielle

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    The obvious for me would be Jesus.

    The not as obvious would be my mother. She's funny and kind and chill and easy going and not judgemental and loving and compassionate and hospitable and fun and dorky and confident and strong and courageous and smart and gentle/firm when she needs to be and honest and genuine and so so so giving of herself. And a million other things. Shes the greatest mom in the world, and I have no idea how I got so lucky to be her daughter.
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    Jesus Christ would be #1. As for #2, I would say Charles Spurgeon. He was a pastor and author who lived in the 1800s. I have a few of his books and I have loved them so far. It's no wonder why he's often called "the prince of preachers"
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    LEPAGE Fapstronaut

    All the folks from the past and present who stopped by here and changed their lives for the better. I hope they're doing well.
  10. AF13298

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    Beat me to it. Those who have the drive to improve themselves should be an ideal role model for us nofappers, it is after all what we're trying to do ourselves.
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    I'd have to say my stepfather, however he came into the family when I was much younger so I will always consider him my real father. He's always upbeat and positive. He's got a natural way of talking to people and getting to know them and for the most part he has my back for whatever is going on. Every time I see him I really appreciate the strong hug that he gives me, something I'll no doubt intensely miss when he is gone.
  12. Moon Shot

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    Thank you for your precious inputs, guys. It has been an enjoyable read!

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