When will I start acting like I'm God's princess?

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Gods_princess, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Hello @Gods_princess ! Dont stay away for long! Hope you are doing good, away from p, m and o. As you have been struggling a lot, or i dont know about currently, how you are doing. But in whatever case, i would really suggest you to read the struggles and attempts shared in the journals. They provide you with motivations, insights and learning. First you can start up with RETRO GIRLS REBOOT. It has content that is really motivating and capable of reflecting upon and relating to. Wishing you luck and blessing, so that you get away from the pmo addiction.
    I myself i am trying to keep myself motivated similarly and its benefiting. Tc. All the best!
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    Hello.... been following your journal.

    Have noticed you have not posted in a while. Please come back and let us know how you are doing.

    Also, dont worry about a relapse. Just come back on. I am a Christian minister and I relapsed over the weekend after a 20+ day streak. No P, but MO.

    Nevertheless, I am back again fighting......

    As for any guilt you might feel about letting God down, remember first and foremost God is interested in a RELATIONSHIP with you. He ALREADY knows everything about you. He knew you were going to be where you are right now, BUT HE STILL LOVES YOU.

    Remember, the PMO thing is not about getting a medal or award from God. It is about pleasing him with each opportunity. So even if you relapsed once a week, think about ALL the times you said "No" to yourself and PMO....... and also "Yes" to him. Everytime you do that you are "denying yourself". THAT is what God is after.....that is what he wants to see....Us humbling ourselves under his power and accepting his grace and power to sustain us.

    Be encouraged, and PLEASE CHECK back in. We miss you
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    You have said very well minister.
    Hope you are fine gods princess and you got back soon. Everyone fails. But you should mever stop trying.. ... Trying is the only way.. ..
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    I hope you are doing well. Please come back and never give up.

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