What is wrong with me?

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  1. AshamedGopher

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    I am trying to stay strong, my life is tatters.
    I want to do better by my wife, it's been almost 2 weeks since I PMO'd. I am having a very hard time with full disclosure. I keep leaving out details, I used web cams, and my wife knows. I got caught up in a sextortion scam, my wife knows. We talk about it, she keeps getting upset(understandably). I keep leaving out details, then when they come out, we're back at ground zero. I am not doing it intentionally, I just don't know the true extent of my deviancy. Any advice or support is not only needed, but appreciated.
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    Just start a new page in your life - and be free of PMO! All of us made mistakes - blaming ourselves will not do any good! Just start fresh! :)
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    I agree. Embrace whatever consequences are yours to embrace and move forward. Don't get stuck on the past. Also if we don't put in the hard work it takes to recover the past often repeats itself.
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  4. "A new day will come"
    Hang in there Buddy
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