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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Muphy, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Muphy

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    I am not masturbating from last 3 weeks and neither watching any porn. Actually I haven't even thought of porn from last two weeks. But sometimes I read some intimate sexual stories here and there. But I don't touch myself and neither I do masturbate. I just want that 90 days reboot.

    But does reading this kind of stuff rewire my brain.. sometimes I feel a) I am not masturbating so what's the harm in reading some stuff... And sometimes I feel that b) I am actually giving the same types of harmonal release while reading those sexual stuff..

    I am not getting it what to do.
    Please guide me. Should I totally abscond myself from every sexual stuff.. or this is fine..

    Your guidance will be helpful.
  2. The Peak

    The Peak Fapstronaut

    Avoid reading any intimate sexual stories. They are in the same ballpark as watching pornography.
    I used to do the same thing, and it makes rebooting very difficult.
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  3. TheCatholicCommando

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    Im interested to know,
    In order to get the benefits of nofap, does one have to do it in conjunction with other actions, such as cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, healthy eating, meditation, conciously expanding social skills etc.?
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  4. The Peak

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    It all depends on you personally.
    But in general, yes, those activities will help you see more benefits and last longer without PMO.
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  5. Muphy

    Muphy Fapstronaut

    I will try to go for gym and other activities but I have totally stopped reading the sex stuff and I feel great.
    The very day you guys told me, I stopped. And tonight I got a lucid and sexy dream and Dont know how, I realized that its not real and I am not going to ejaculate and I woke up, drank some water, walked a bit and slept. and in morning I wake up with proud.
    Thank you all.
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  6. Marik757

    Marik757 Fapstronaut

    Do something proactive which can benefit you long term.

    Nothing is going to change with just NoFap alone.
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  7. Muphy

    Muphy Fapstronaut

    Yaah.. I'll start.

    This time I am going with a different approach. PrevuPrevi
    Each time I relapsed and I started with more aggeression and more strict plan and every time I failed.

    I understood this time that being aggressive or by criticising myself, I am not going to reach where I want..

    So this time I am taking is slow. Just slowly I am nodifmodimy schedule and filling the time with activities...

    I started with just nofap.. then I started a book in the mean time.. then after that I got a Rubik's cube and solving Sudoku..
    And everyday I started waking up at 7:30am.. normally it was 9 and during my reboot mode I used to make it 6am..

    Slowly cutting down my time from YouTube and movies..

    Instead of going too hard on myself.. I am taking it slow.. and I see the benefits.. the urges are also not that much hard..

    It's like the same thing.. if I tell you not to think of monkeys.. you'll just think of monkeys.. so this time I am not forcing anything on to me.. not taking it as like I have to control it.. come on.. I'll do it.. today it's 5 days.. yaaah.. NoFap.. amazing.. this way I'll just think of that .. the more I try to control the more the think of that..

    So I stopped that harshness onto myself.. next month I'll join gym and going to take it slowly..

    I think this is working for me..

    But yes you are right .. nofap alone is not going to help and I have to get into some active things.. and I'll .

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions

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